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What to wear on Eid Celebration Tips and Ideas

Eid is an important Islamic festival in Islam. It is a holiday where people dress up in new attire and go to family and friends for a delicious dinner. The process of selecting the right Eid dress can be difficult and takes a lot of time. It is important to choose the most comfortable outfit. There are plenty of choices for women, men as well as children. You can opt for a classic style or casual dress depending on your style. Here are some well-known Eid dress codes that are accepted in the majority of Muslim society.

We all relish the scent of freshly cooked Biryani or the sweet taste of Shahi Tukray and Mutton Korma. The true essence of the festival is in eating mouth-watering food as well as celebrating the Eid celebration with family and friends, and dressing up in a lavish manner obviously.

Eid dress Idea for women


An anarkali that is floor-length in beautiful pastel colours will make your appearance standout. You can choose chikankari work or sheer fabric to be trendy. Ready made eid suits you can buy from Libas e Jamila online Fashion store.

Sharara is the most traditional attire to wear this day; there are many women who love to flaunt their beauty in traditionally stitched shararas.

It has strong roots across all cultures and remains an integral part of the Indian Muslim lifestyle inspired by the Mughal Era.


These ethnic wears are in fashion. Sharara is a kurta with a shorter length that can be worn with flared pants, or pleated pants. Choose royal colours such as red, green or gold to make an impact this Eid. 

 If you don’t want to wear the typical Sharara then you can team it up with embroidered jackets and simple piece of jewellery. It is very adaptable and can help you glam up instantly.

Since there is evolutionary change in fashion if you don’t want to wear the typical sharara, you can go for maxi skirt and floor length top for the occasion.

Palazzo and Kurti 

As a perfect combination to be worn on Eid, Kurti and Palazzo blend traditional with modern. The apparel has a lot of design and fabric options available on the market. While the kurti can be heavily embroidered, the palazzo pants lightweight will make up a comfortable attire. The apparel is easy to carry and provides a trendy yet presentable look. One can style the entire outfit with oxidized, gold or silver jewelry.

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Churidar suits

It is a long or knee-length kameez with a churidar . If you prefer comfortable clothes more than designer ones, this is the best option. If you’re looking for something with zari or hand work that looks elegant and feels comfortable, then nothing beats churidar suits. 

Patiala Shalwar suit

Even though these suits came in trend from the city of Punjab but they look equally beautiful on anyone who wears it. Patiala is a short or a knee-length kurta or Kurti with a tailored Patiala shalwar which has several pleated layers in the bottom.

Eid dress Idea for kids

Casual wear, frolic and bright

Girls of all ages can dress with a beautiful frock or a sultry skirt for special occasions like Eid. There are numerous eid clothes and dresses for girls, including high-low hems, shirts as well as the fit and flare.

Traditional dresses – Elegant and innocent

The fashions and designs women wear for Eid are also used by children. They could comprise Anarkali dresses, suits or salwar suits and kurtis. Since there are no rules for children, they can dress in the way they want for Eid.

Eid dress ideas for young boys

 Kurta & Pajamas or Sherwani suit

This Kurta set and Pajama set are a great Eid and Ramadan dress for children. It gives a sophisticated finish to the outfit of the child. Little boys can sport various Kurta-Pajama outfits which include Kurta , waistcoat sets and Sherwanis Suit

 Jeans and shirts – Always fashionable

T-shirts and shirts, as well as jeans are able to be worn by children to stroll through the house enjoying the festivities. A thoughtful choice of casual clothes will boost the mood and bring joy on Eid.

The Sunnah stipulates that Muslims should dress in beautiful, modern clothes during Eid. For making Eid celebration a memorable experience. Muslims can take help from the suggestions above and shop for trendy clothes and other clothing. Clothing is also an ideal Eid present for your family and friends.

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