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What is nepotism? What does nepotism mean?

Nepotism has become a social problem today. What is nepotism, derived from the Latin word “nepot”? Here are the questions about nepotism…

In business life, what is nepotism, which means nepotism, nepotism, when some people are hired just because they are known to someone at that workplace? Here are the questions about nepotism…


The word nepotism originates from pre-Renaissance Catholic popes who appointed their nephews to important positions such as cardinals in the church. It derives from the Latin word “nepot” meaning nephew. Today, it is a frequently encountered problem in business life. The Turkish Language Association has explained this concept as “nepotism to friends or relatives”. The concept of nepotism is considered today as hiring relatives and relatives in the same business. Discriminating purchases refer to the employment of a person regardless of their skill, ability or education level. The concept of nepotism is subjectively defined. These distinctions can also damage organizational relationships.

Even though the concept of nepotism is used as favoritism in Turkish, it actually means less than favoritism. In the favoritism seen, the term “chronism” is used for the favoritism of acquaintances and friends, “patronage” for political and religious favoritism, and “clientelism” is used for favoritism towards power and electorate segments.

Nepotism means making decisions based on blood ties, not favoring success in workplaces and public institutions, favoring favors. In its more common usage, it means favoring people and relatives. What is nepotism, what are the most common examples? We researched for you.

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Nepotism comes from the root “Nepot” and means nephew. The word, which also means relative, is Latin. People who favor their close relatives or friends and bring them to important positions are also called “Nepotists”.

 What Is Nepotism and What Does It Mean?

 Nepotism, in short, means favoring relatives and friends, giving them priority. Its history dates back to the 14th century. Allegedly, it is a definition that began to be used as a result of the Pope and bishops placing their close relatives in important positions during the Renaissance period. Nepotism is a felony, if not a crime. Business ethics advise to treat everyone equally and to take success as a criterion. Nepotism is defined as unethical because it is the opposite attitude.

 Favoring someone and bringing them somewhere causes corporate damage. For example, a person who is brought to a position that requires education or experience cannot demonstrate the expected job performance. This leads to disruption of work and production stoppage. Individuals who are trained in that field should be brought to jobs that require expertise.

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