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What Is Microsoft Excel Basic Understanding

What is Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a table calculation application that allows you to store, edit, and manipulate data in a set of table-like structures called workbooks. Workbooks use a collection of worksheets to organize the data in the system, and divide rows and columns into cells. Users can easily create simple or complex formulas by entering data or numbers in these cells. Users can graphically represent the data they enter in a variety of ways by inserting objects such as charts and graphs into their workbooks.

The Person Who Made Excel

Microsoft Excel was created by Microsoft in 1984. The purpose was to create a user-friendly way for users of table computing software to calculate data more efficiently without having to interact with the DOS command line. Originally designed for use on Apple computers, Microsoft Excel is one of the first programs created for Microsoft Windows in 1987. Until 1992, it was the only Windows-based table computing application.


Learning Microsoft Excel Certification in Frankfurt is very important for career growth. Microsoft Excel also creates useful tools and menus that give Excel users more customization within a particular Excel application or workbook. The Quick Access Toolbar was created to allow users to create quick access to frequently used commands. This toolbar can be customized for Excel applications and specific workbooks. Ribbons are created by Excel in place of the previous Excel menus. With the advent of ribbons, Excel users can now customize the ribbons to suit their needs.


Microsoft Excel has created many features for Excel users since the program was born. With features such as formulas, charts, graphs, sorting and filtering, the process of entering, manipulating and displaying data in Excel is a useful tool for many purposes. New features such as pivot tables, import / export options, and application visual base make the entire Excel usage process easier and more customizable.

File Type

Microsoft Excel has also created a new type for storing various Excel files, including workbooks. With the creation of new types of save files, Excel has created import and export capabilities for easily importing created workbooks and files, and for exporting workbooks and files for later use.

Excel Version

Microsoft Excel has been created in several versions for three OSs. From 1987 to the present, there are 11 versions of Microsoft’s Windows. There are 12 versions of Apple Macintosh from 1985 to the present, and 3 versions of OS / 2 from 1989 to 1991.

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