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Top Benefits of Having a PR Visa For Canada


Canada has one of the highest rates of foreigners obtaining Canadian citizenship and settling in the land of the maple leaf. All of this is because the country provides a variety of immigration channels that provide foreign individuals with the potential for a better living, greater work possibilities, the possibility to become a Canadian citizen, create or operate a business, or travel freely around the country.

Its friendly demeanour, rising economic growth, and simple Canada PR process for Indian immigrants have made it perfect for individuals to come and eventually live in the nation.

Canada PR Immigration Benefits

1) The freedom to live and work in The country

Canada is one of the world’s best places to live or/and work. It is one of the favorites when it comes to general sustainability, cultural impact, economic influence, entrepreneurship, and, most importantly, quality of life.

You have the freedom to migrate to any territory or province in Canada after you have obtained a PR. You are not required to remain with a company, a job, or even a province.

2) Healthcare for All

The Canadian government and organizations offer universal healthcare as part of Canada PR immigration. Medical care covers all Canadian permanent resident visa holders, and it also covers all prescription prescriptions paid for through taxes. As a permanent resident of Canada, you also can qualify for public health care insurance.

3) Social Advantages

Immigrants in Canada who have accumulated 40 credit points can also benefit from many social security advantages. This equates to ten years of effort, or forty quarters.

Residents of Canada can find acceptable high-paying occupations and tax breaks that allow them to live a comfortable life. Retirement payments, disability benefits, social security, and survivor benefits for deceased employees are among the other social benefits.

4) The Ability to Move hassle-freely

With the Canada PR card, you can travel outside, within, or stay in Canada (many times). It also allows you to relocate and live in another province. Throughout the country, you can look for new employment, a new chance, or other sources of income. Section 6 of the celebrated Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that mobility rights are guaranteed. To know more stuff about the Canada PR process for Indian immigrants, you can visit the official website.

5) Children are entitled to free education, a must-have

The Canadian government provides free education up to Grade 12, including all children (until the age of 18) of resident citizens. There are three stages of education in Canada: primary, secondary, and higher education. Furthermore, tuition expenses for higher study are low for permanent residents.


While other methods allow Indians to move to Canada, the Express Entry procedure is the best option. It is a complete method for qualified employees to get a PR immigration visa in Canada.

If you meet the Express Entry Visa eligibility requirements, you may submit your papers, create a profile, and apply for the visa. Seek the assistance of an immigration specialist if you want to learn more about the Canada PR process for Indian immigrants.

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