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Top 5 Luxury Corrugated Boxes Packaging design types for the USA

The type and make of the packaging box may change with the changing needs of the brand, but one thing which is definite is the design. Therefore, even when the needs and preferences of the company change, they never forget to take the design on board. 

Simple corrugated boxes are prepared with a material commonly known as paperboard. They are very easy to access no matter in which part of the world you are looking for them. Since they are ubiquitous, they are very cheap and help a business cut its cost to a great extent. 

Since the use of cardboard boxes is so common, various brands have started to maintain the difference in class and quality with the use of Luxury Corrugated Boxes. These boxes are the same as other types of paperboard boxes, but they are a bit better than others in terms of quality and in the finish. In this post, we are going to see what are those five types of Corrugated Boxes with a premium look that have managed to capture the market in the USA

Foldable paperboard casing: 

This is a unique type of casing that is mostly used when expensive products are required to be packed. Consumers also know that, and they easily make a guess that the product would be very expensive. They are very common and extensively used packaging boxes being used in the USA these days. 

In the USA, you can find a wide variety of products that are packed inside foldable corrugated boxes. They have tuck flaps on both sides that are folded for closing the box. When a company chooses to ship its products in the luxurious foldable casing, it chooses to go with an option that is safe and secure and ensures that the product will reach the customer in its right shape and form 

Rigid boxes:

When we hear about  Luxury Corrugated Boxes, the quality, as well as the finish, is the first aspect that comes to mind. This is because people show a willingness to spend money on the boxes which are luxurious. Companies that use such boxes generally don’t have to go the extra mile for the promotion of their brands because the sturdiness of the packaging is enough to prove that the brand has chosen quality over everything 

People in the USA are more concerned about the protection of the product they are going to purchase. So, they always prefer the product that seems to have been provided with extra layers of protection. Luxury Corrugated Boxes generally come with more than four layers of cardboard material, making them super strong. Many times, customers are not allowed to open the casing unless he buys the product. In this situation, they totally depend on the box and its strength so that they can be sure that there will be no harm to the product they are going to purchase. 

Another reason for using hard boxes in the USA is that they are not easy to deform or compress with pressure. So, when they reach from source to destination, they remain intact, which shows that the item they are housing is also safe and secure

Collapsible boxes:

Another type of packaging box that we often see in use in America is a collapsible box. This boxing style is capturing the attention of more and more people because of the nature of its structure. Unlike sturdy boxes, they are not very hard and provide lots of flexibility to the brand that uses them for packing products. Not only manufacturers but consumers also like to buy a product packed in this unique type of Corrugated Boxes. This is because they can be reused and also don’t cause any harm to the environment if one tries to get rid of them. 

Single-phase corrugated boxes:

This is another type of Luxury Corrugated Boxes that contains a single layer of paperboard glued to the linear board. This type of casing is not used alone. Rather, it is used in combination with other packaging options. Their most common use has been seen as giving a layer of additional protection to certain fragile products. In other words, they are wrapped around the product so that it gives extra cushioning to the item sliding here and here while being encased in its casing. 

Single wall paperboard box:

This is a type of box that contains one layer of paperboard attached to two layers of the linear board. It provides more protection than the single-phase box. These boxes are used extensively in the retail industry as they best pack various products, and they also increase the shelf life of a product. If you are running your business in the USA and you need cases that are used extensively in America, you can buy Luxury boxes wholesale and cut the cost

The takeaway:

It is very important for the manufacturer to know what kind of corrugated boxes are used in America because it helps them know how to stand out and what made the market in America undergo a huge success 

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