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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning your Basement

The basement is often seen where people put things they don’t want to deal with. It can be anything from a couch that needs donating to a broken TV. Basements can be inconvenient because they are often dark, and it can be hard to move things around in them.

You may like to turn your basement into a recreation room or an apartment for your grandmother. If so, it’s time to get rid of some things. Rent a dumpster, and inventory what you want to keep, sell, donate, or trash. Then start hauling!

Figure Out Where to Put Everything

When removing the garbage from your basement, the first thing you want to do is to figure out where to put it. The good idea is to rent a dumpster, rather than hauling it all to the dump by yourself. Dumpster companies in Jupiter FL often have deals with dumps, so you may not have to pay much more to have them take your trash instead of doing it yourself. Plus, it will save you time and headaches. 

Take Inventory

You may find something important that you forgot was down there. It could be old memories, like photos or old children’s toys. It also could contain something more important, like land deed information or other important documents. So it’s an excellent concept to take your time and go through everything carefully.

Color-code your belongings for easy organization

One way to know what to discard and what not to is by color-coding. You can use post-it notes, colored sharpies, or stickers for this. Green means good, and red means trash. Yellow means questionable. 

Ask yourself questions to get started.

A delicate question to ask yourself is, when was the last time you used this. If you can’t remember, it might be time to get rid of it. Another good question is if someone else could benefit from this more than you if you’re on the fence about eliminating it.

Discard the things you don’t need

If you see a moldy couch or a TV with a cracked screen, get rid of it. If you see a bag of water-damaged stuffed animals, get rid of them! If you see a lamp with a twisted neck or a tattered lamp cover, get rid of it! It’s amazing how we as humans hold onto things we should have gotten rid of ages ago. 

Leasing a dumpster can help you get rid of oversized, hard-to-move items. Most dumpster companies will drop the dumpster off right where you want it, so it’s easy to dispose of things. But make sure to take inventory of everything before getting the dumpster. Just because something looks like trash doesn’t mean it is!

Contact Donation Places

You’re going to want to figure out where to drop off your stuff. Different places accept different things. Some places only take clothes, while others take furniture and accessories too. But be careful! They might not want what you have if they’re already stocked up on it. You should contact the places you want to donate your things before you try to bring them there. That way, you will know if they will accept what you are trying to give them. It’s frustrating when you spend time and effort getting something ready to donate, only to realize that the place doesn’t want it. Hopefully, these tips make cleaning your basement go more smoothly so you can start taking action.

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