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The Pros and Cons of Online Tutoring in Dubai


It’s convenient:

You not only save travel time and gasoline, but you can also go home from work or out of your task during your child’s tutoring session. If your child already has a schedule after a busy school, it might be easier to schedule an online tutor in Dubai around him than a direct tutor.

It works well in emergency situations:

If you suddenly realize that your child is not ready for the upcoming test, or if he misses a session that is scheduled regularly, an online tutor might save the day.

You can store notes digitally: 

One advantage of online tutor in Dubai compared to regular tutoring is that you have a good color record that is stored on your computer, “said Kronenberg. Digital notes not only help the environment, but they are more difficult for students to lose permanently.

There are more tutors to choose from:

“You do not have geographical obstacles, which expand your universe from possible tutors,” said Geant. If you need a certain type of person-we say you want a fourth grade mathematics tutor that is very experienced and speak Spanish with a sense of humor that makes a pleasant Harry Potter reference-you will have better luck with bigger online choices online tutors.


 It requires more discipline:

Your child must stay focused on the screen without being disturbed by email, IM or Facebook. “Adults are far more suitable for online tutoring experience than younger children,” said Andrew Geant, one of the founders and CEO of Wyzant, the national online market where students can find private tutors in their area.

It works better for some subjects than others:

   In online tutor in Dubai certain subjects are more difficult to do for online tutors. In teaching foreign languages, your mouth movements can be very important in getting the correct pronunciation. It’s more difficult to teach online. 

It’s more expensive:

 While in some cases you may find an online guidance company that charges less than the tutor in your home, beware of additional costs for technology. Additional expenses can be installed if you don’t have the technology that your child needs to get the maximum results from online tutors in Dubai.

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