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Success Stories and Reviews of Hair Transplant in Lahore

A Head Full of hair makes your personality charming and attractive, but nowadays, people face many hair issues due to stress, depression, hereditary issues, or hormonal imbalance. Before the innovation in the hair restoration industry, people were worried because they thought there was no such treatment for hair issues. But now, as the hair restoration industry evolves, many skilled and experienced hair surgeons can treat your hair issues for a lifetime. Hair surgeons can now treat every hair issue and ensure hair growth for a lifetime. There are a lot of specialists who give the hair transplant in Lahore so you can get the hair treatment. 

 Surprisingly, the recent research findings by American Hair Loss Association show that1 out of 5 men lose their hair. The review report portrays that women experience hair fall by age 40. Around 1 592,588 non-surgical patients will get the treatment in 2021, which is a 14% expansion from 2019. Pakistan is also not an exception, people here are also facing a lot of hair loss issues but the hair specialist in Lahore are here for your relief.

Impressive Results of Hair Transplant in Lahore

The hair restoration industry now successfully treats people suffering from hair fall issues. Pakistan is also among those countries with 98% success in hair transplants.  

How PRP Therapy Treated Alopecia

Here is the story of Mr. Kamal from Lahore. A few years back, his hair started falling day by day. He was worried about his hair falling. He quit his job due to fear that people judge him and make fun of him. As the days passed, the hair fall issues worsened, and he got into depression and stopped talking to people. But one fine day, his friend came to see him and forced him to consult with a hair specialist in Lahore. He booked an appointment with the surgeon and went there on a due date, and then he told him about the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment for his hair loss issues. PRP is like a fertilizer that allows hair to grow thicker and stronger. 

The process took half an hour to complete. The whole process needed the blood, so extracting the plasma from the blood was necessary. And the surgeon did it without any cuts and bleeding. The whole process was for 6 months. And after 6 months, his hair starts to regrown. 

Successful PRP therapy for male pattern baldness

Here is another success story of Mr. Arif Ali, who was from Rawalpindi.

in his 30s he started noticing that he was losing hair. he was not ready for this and was not motivated to find a solution. becasue no medication or hair products were showing results he wanted. hair loss changes people perception about him. but then he found out about hair trasnplant surgeon which convinced him that PRP therapy works for his hair. he started taking the sessions. the whole process was painless and was of 6 months.

At every step of the procedure, he gave him instructions, which greatly satisfied him. The process took a few months, and after 6 months his hair started growing again. during the process he did not face any pain, cuts or bleeding. doctor suggested him pre and post precautions about diet, exercise and hair care. it been 1 year now and his hair density and thickness increases just the he wants.

So he recommends everyone to get the best hair transplant in Lahore if they face hair fall or baldness issues.

FUE Hair Transplant Magically Treated Alopecia

Here is the story of Mrs. Sara, who is from Karachi. For the last few years, she has been facing alopecia. She consults different doctors for the treatment, but she found no one satisfactory. But one day, someone recommended Lahore hair specialists for hair fall treatment. Because he faced many issues, the last option was to go to Lahore and find a doctor there. She visited the best clinic and consulted the hair doctor. He asked different questions regarding her hair condition. Then he suggested a follicular unit extraction (FUE) treatment after observing the hair condition. He explained to her about the FUE treatment. 

The staff at the clinic was highly qualified and knew the latest techniques and treatments. They did the whole treatment without any cuts and stitches. The whole process took 2 to 4 hours to complete the session. It was a painless process, and she was satisfied with their treatment. Within 3 to 4 months, her hair started growing again. 

Get the best hair transplant in Lahore. 

Hair fall, baldness, or alopecia are the most common hair issues people face these days. But thanks to the technology and latest advancement in the hair restoration industry. People now become aware of the hair issues and their solutions. So get the best hair transplant in Lahore. Hair specialist in Lahore has the latest equipment and techniques that give you satisfactory results.

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