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Step-by-Step Guide for Painting a Rusty Metal Roof

Living in an area with plenty of trees, roofs and especially metal roof is the secret for your exterior home. Your metal roof will protect your home from leaves, water, snowfall, twigs, and other debris. But metal roofs, like all other metals exposed to oxidation and rust- a bitter truth and fact.

Your once beautiful metal roof has now rusted and looks old. Now, in this situation, your eyes will be looking to redefine and make it new as it was in the beginning without replacing it.

And a new metal roof is quite expensive, and not everyone is willing to pay, so then what is the alternative?

The short and sweet answer is “painting your rusted metal roof”. Fortunately, you can refine your rusted and old metal roof.

So, let’s dive deep into what you will need to complete this task step-by-step:

Is it Possible to Paint Over a Rusted Metal Roof?

The answer is yes. It is possible to paint over a rusted metal roof and with joy you can slap a fresh coat of paint on that old and corroded metal roof. A few steps are involved in painting a rusted metal roof. But, don’t worry house painting Melbourne will take care of every single step before and after painting.

But before any step towards painting, you have to remove all the rust and soft and hard as soon as possible. Next, you need to make sure to stop the corrosion of the metal roof from spreading. These two are the most important steps to be taken on first-hand priority.

Use of Rust Killer

To ensure the protection of the first two steps, you just need to use a rust killer. Rust killer is used for stopping oxidation and will not let your painting eat your new coat and degrade the metal.

Remove All Rust From A Metal Roof

Removing rust from your metal roof will need a little physical task. There are two ways to get rid of rust. In the first method use any type of chemical that will weaken and neutralize the rust so you can remove it easily with a scrub brush.

The second approach is you will take the help of a pressure washer. Before using a pressure washer, make sure to remove the largest flakes of rust with a dry scrub brush.

Now, simply increase the speed of pressure washer spraying. Spray the entire metal roof, and try to remove as much oxidation colouration as possible.

Combining Pressure Washer And Chemicals

We have discussed both approaches to removing rust from your metal roof but their combination is unmatchable. Pressure washers and chemicals like trisodium phosphate are very much effective in removing rust and stains from your roof.

Combining these two can yield the best results by using littler harsh chemicals. In the combination method, you will not need to use your hands. Let the chemicals and pressure washer machine do their best.

Pressure Washing Melbourne is famous for its professional pressure washer.

Wipe The Roof With Vinegar

For a better result, use zinc with an acid. White vinegar is the best option because it is natural, not expensive, easily available and completely safe. If you want to stick your paint then vinegar solution must be on your mind.

Now using a rag, apply white vinegar. Keep in mind, don’t scrub too harsh. Make sure not to miss any area. Wipe down the roof with the rag completely.

Apply Primer

Why do you need a primer? A primer is to prevent the rust from destroying the surface. There is a bundle of primer solutions available in the market that will transform your old and rusted metal roof into a new one ready for repainting.

Before applying primer, read the instructions on your primer carefully.

Final Step: Apply Paint on Rusted Metal Roof

It is time to paint! MDI Painting Services prefers standard exterior paint solution due to the already primed roof. Also, if possible apply a second layer of a paint coat that will help your painting be long-lasting.

Note: From the beginning till the end, check the weather forecast otherwise all your hard work will go in vain.

In the end, take a very observative look at your roof. Look for every shade, and spot in daylight. For aesthetic purposes, you can apply an additional paint coat. Last but not least, care about the new painting until it’s dry.

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