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Simple theft insurance: Understand how it works

Have you ever heard of simple theft? Certainly, many people have been through this, but not everyone knows how to differentiate a simple theft from a qualified theft, or a robbery, for example.

But how does this difference affect when hiring an insurance service for your equipment?

In this article, we will introduce them all and talk about simple theft insurance for heavy equipment and machinery. Check out!

What is simple theft insurance?

According to the Brazilian Penal Code, theft is the removal, or subtraction, of property without the use of any trace of violence. In these cases, there is no evidence that force or other means were used to reach the stolen objective, such as breaking glass or breaking down doors.

We can say, then, that simple theft is the disappearance of equipment or heavy machinery without leaving a trace. 

What is the difference between a simple theft and a qualified theft?

As you have seen, simple theft happens when the thief has access to the property and takes it without difficulty or resistance. He goes in, takes it, and takes it. This is what happens, for example, if you leave your house keys at the door. Someone comes in and takes what goods he can.

Qualified theft, on the other hand, leaves traces and can be proven through expertise and police investigation.  

It is provided for in the Brazilian penal code, in paragraph 5 of article 155, like the one in which there was the destruction or breaking of obstacles, such as, for example, destruction of roofs, railings, glass, breaking locks, climbing walls, using false keys, fraud, breach of trust, etc.

However, it is necessary to be very attentive before signing the contract with some insurance companies, as some restrict some actions that characterize qualified theft.

How important is it to differentiate between simple and qualified theft?

Many SO clean insurers do not offer simple theft insurance. Therefore, it is essential to know how to differentiate one from the other to find out what is covered by the contract clauses.

In this case, pay attention to whether the insurance company you are interested in hiring has coverage against simple theft.

What are the differences between simple theft and robbery?

Theft is what we commonly call robbery and occurs when there is an approach and the thief takes, through threat (even verbal), coercion, or use of brute force, something that belongs to you.

Example of simple theft with machinery and equipment

Let’s imagine João operating a backhoe on a construction site next to a highway. Therefore, there is no way to return with her every day. There are no sheds or other places where it can be safely stored at the construction site.

Later, because the machine was exposed in an open place with free access, someone took advantage of this situation and took the backhoe without any difficulty.

The next day, the theft was discovered, but there was no evidence of what had taken place. There were also no witnesses and the cameras installed at the scene were not enough to clarify what happened. So in this case a simple heavy machinery swipe is set up.

How to prevent theft?

There are several practices you can adopt to prevent theft, such as:

  • Keep the machinery area well lit.
  • Be sure to arrange the best parking spot.
  • Hire companies that specialize in asset surveillance.
  • When hiring suppliers, make sure of the suitability of the company and its employees.
  • Establish strict rules for gate control and for hiring new employees.
  • Provide security officers with the contacts of professionals responsible for policing in the region.
  • Identify and classify machines and equipment with nomenclature or numbering in an ostensible manner.

How does theft insurance work? 

In the case of qualified theft, it is sufficient to contact the insurance company in the event of claims and take all the necessary measures required by the insurance company to receive the contracted benefits.

GCF Seguros offers simple theft insurance to protect machinery and equipment, even when they are outside a specific area or warehouse.

If there are claims, all you have to do is call it, present a police report, and record that there was a criminal act. 

fleet security

When an owner has more than one machine, he must opt ​​for fleet insurance, as the calculation of the value of the contracted deductibles takes into account the LMI (Maximum Indemnity Limit).

LMI considers that not all machines in a fleet are subject to theft or robbery at the same time. Therefore, a differentiated value of the cost of insurance is made.

Why is it important to take out insurance for machinery and equipment that covers simple theft?

Most of the time, machines and heavy equipment, such as forestry, are exposed in riskier places, distant or for long periods, without any security. 

Therefore, taking out insurance that also includes protection against simple theft is the investment that can avoid a lot of headaches and bring help when you need it most.

Why do some insurers not offer this solution? 

The fact that there is no evidence that there was a simple theft makes it more difficult to provide coverage for these cases.

Most of the time, the “evidence” and justifications are flawed and insufficient to prove the claim. Therefore, insurance companies do not usually offer simple theft insurance.

How to buy simple theft insurance?

Tips for buying simple theft insurance.

1. Choose a reliable broker

In addition to internet research to verify the suitability of the insurer, check if it is registered with SUSEP (Superintendence of Private Insurance). 

Request a description of plans and budgets

Contact the consultant, inform which coverage you want to hire, and ask him to send all plan options with their respective values ​​and coverage.

Analyze the coverage offered

Carefully read what is being offered in each plan. Remember that in the case of taking out insurance against simple theft, you need to be aware of everything that is contained in it.   

Compare the proposals and make your choice 

When comparing, take into account what is relevant in each proposal. Consider that the differences in value between one and the other can mean your peace of mind in the long run. 

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