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Protect Your Company With Comprehensive Employment Verification

It is a trend among candidates to present fake resumes to grab lucrative opportunities, better jobs, and higher designations. This practice is common as people want to make more money and have a better position than their colleagues and peers. They believe that companies do not have a stringent verification process, and they would get away with it. The trend of presenting false resumes is frequent in the banking and IT industry. However, modern employment verification services like Repute now use automated platforms to identify frauds and protect organizations from candidates indulging in such practices. 

Employment verification in India is essential to authenticate if a candidate has mentioned the truth in his CV about his salary, past employment history, and educational details. The HR departments of the company undertake this process, and they have to contact the previous employer to get accurate details of an employee. 

Why Should Businesses Hire Employment Verification Services?

As the world is getting more competitive, everyone is trying to grab better offers for themselves by falsifying information on resumes. Employment verification services can quickly determine if a person is lying about his job title and exaggerating his income, responsibilities, or qualifications. Professional verification companies can find out if the reasons for quitting are manipulated. The experience and tenure of service may also be false. 

It is essential for businesses to thoroughly screen potential candidates before hiring them. Otherwise, it will lead to a loss for the company in terms of time and money. The workplace environment might be disturbed, and productivity will decrease, thereby hampering the company’s growth. Thus, companies must hire employment verification companies to protect themselves against fraudsters and recruit only those deserving candidates who have the proper skills. 

Challenges of Employment Verification in India

  • Conducting a verification by calling up the references provided by the candidate is futile as the candidate often provides references who would speak positively for them and are manipulated.
  • Companies that have closed impose a big challenge during background verification. Through independent research, the verification team tries to look for reliable references. 

 What Aspects are Checked for Employment Verification?

For employment verification in India, thorough verification is conducted wherein the candidate’s educational qualification, past employment records, salary slips, court, and civil records, identity and address proofs, credit scores, reasons for leaving, and roles & responsibilities in the previous company are verified. 

The following things are checked during employment verification in India:

Employment History

Employers run checks on the employment history of candidates. It is one of the most significant features as employees falsely exaggerate their job tenure, roles and responsibilities, technical skills and abilities, job title, last salary withdrawn, and reasons for leaving. 

Criminal Background Check

Potential employers also look into the criminal records of the applicants. There are two categories: significant crimes and minor ones. The employer has the right to decide what would be the hiring credentials and where to draw the line. If an employee has past criminal records, it negatively affects the company’s reputation and safety. When hiring someone to manage funds, it should be checked that an employee has no records for thrift or fraud. 

Credit Background Checks

Credit background checks show whether a candidate has repaid loans within the provided tenure and provides an insight into their financial activity. It is essential when hiring for jobs in the financial sector to avoid any risk of fraud or embezzlement. 

Identity Verification

Identity verification is significant as it affirms that a job candidate is the one they claim to be. Companies like Repute use AI and ML-powered algorithms to check millions of court records across India. 

Educational Verification 

Many organizations hire candidates based on their educational qualifications and degrees. This is primarily the case with freshers as they do not have previous experience. For verifying the educational qualification, the name of schools and colleges, the year of passing, and the degree certificates are checked. 

Court Record Check

As the rate of fraud cases constantly increases, it is mandatory to check the court records, which show whether any Indian court had previously convicted the candidate. Records from family courts, criminal courts, and other circuit courts are checked. 

Reference Checks

Previous supervisors and managers are contacted to verify the capabilities of the candidate. It allows companies to learn about the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance and judge whether they are suitable for the position. 

Wrapping Up

Businesses should have absolute knowledge about who they are hiring. It ensures that a suitable candidate who matches the required job profile is hired and he/she can carry out his/her responsibilities dutifully. Employment verification in India ensures that companies do not suffer from losses because of hiring a wrong candidate who has made false claims in his resume.  

Repute’s Talent Network offers a talent onboarding and background verification portal that provides employment verification services. Their SmartOnboard platform connects thousands of companies on a blockchain network, making the verification process convenient. Their automated process makes the verification process faster and avoids any scope of error and fraud. 

Contact us now if you want to know more about our tech-driven employee background verification process.

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