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Penis Pump : How & When to Use It with Precautions

With over 52% percent of men experiencing erectile dysfunction, ED is now becoming a prevalent condition among men. Moreover, the current lifestyle, medications, lack of exercise, and stress contribute to ED. Hence, various medical alternatives like a penis pump, medications, and other methods to address ED. The inability to satisfy one’s partner and not being sexually satisfied oneself can be infuriating. Most men often question if the ED treatment options are currently available in the market work or not. Yet, some of these treatments are quite effective and offer promising results and One of them is a Vacuum pump for men. Let’s check out some more details about how and when to use the penile vacuum pump devices. 

What Can A Penis Pump Do?

Let’s begin with what penile pump devices cannot achieve: increase the size of your penis, despite what some online publications and sellers may claim. However, they may improve blood flow to the genitals, allowing you to obtain or sustain an erection and engage in penetrative intercourse. Certainly, you may acquire a minuscule length with a pump, but this is a momentary increase. Penis enlargement surgery is also a best choice for you that helps to increase your penis size.

When used appropriately, penile vacuum pump devices are typically safer than alternative solutions for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) and economical. 

Further, these devices also effectively create an erection following prostate surgery and radiation treatment for prostate cancer.

How Does A Penis Pump Work?

A penile pump draws blood into your penis through suction. Further, the blood reaches the blood vessels of your penis, enabling them to expand so that your penis momentarily enlarges and becomes firmer. A constriction ring, also called a cock band, is often worn around the penis base to help retain blood in the penis and prolong erections.

Are Penile Pump Devices Safe?

Majority of the time, yes.

However, as per FDA, using a penis pump or other mechanical rigidity device may exacerbate penile problems such as priapism.

Excessive air cylinder pressure might cause minor bleeding underneath the skin’s surface. Therefore, penis pumps may not be suitable for you if you:

  • have a blood problem
  • if you have a propensity for blood clots
  • you take blood thinners

Further, a cock ring that is overly tight or worn for too long may induce penile bruising, numbness, and coldness.

How do you determine the best pump?

Ignore any penis pump which promotes penis enlargement. Further, purchasing an FDA-approved penile vacuum pump is a wise option to ensure that you purchase a safe and effective pump. Consult your physician for a prescription. There is no requirement for a penis pump in most cases, but having one helps assure you get safe equipment. 

So this prevents the pressure in the cylinder from being too high and perhaps causing penile damage.

Further, consider your penis size before purchasing a pump or tension ring. The majority of kits are one-size-fits, and however, if your penis is small or larger than typical, you should pick appropriately.

How To Use A Penis Pump?

Here is how you can use a penis pump:

  • First, place the tube over your penis. 
  • Using the associated hand pump or power pump, you remove air from the tube to create a vacuum.
  • Once you get an erection, you must remove the pump.
  • You may sustain your erection by placing a constricting ring around the penis’ base.

Is There Any Precaution?

Implementing the following steps will help you have a better experience and get the most out of your device:

  • Trim your pubic hair: Before usage, trimming hair at the penis base will prevent hair from entangling in the ring, and it may also facilitate a stronger seal against the skin.
  • Use as instructed: Even though it seems pretty self-explanatory, it is vital to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safety and efficacy.
  • Do not keep the ring on for longer than thirty minutes: Too prolonged of a lack of blood supply to the penis might be harmful. Hence, you must remove the ring after thirty minutes.
  • Keep lubricant handy: Achieve an airtight seal by applying lubricant to your shaft, the penis bottom, and the bottom of the cylinder. Additionally, lubrication will make it simpler to move the pressure ring on and off. In addition, lubrication might enhance the pleasure of stimulation if you’re planning to get handy before pumping. 

How long do these effects last?

Anticipate approximately 30 minutes, but everybody is different. Further, your arousal level may also impact. 

How Often To Use Penis Pump?

It relies on your conditions and degree of comfort. Until you use it safely, it is safe for most individuals to utilize it numerous times each day.

man reliving stress to eliminate erectile dysfunction and uses of penile pump devices

How Can I Improve Erectile Dysfunction? Is there any Way To Enlarge Penis?

You can adopt various ways to treat ED. Yet, considering penis enlargement, it isn’t possible. 

A balanced approach would go a fair way toward increasing function and achieving greater erections.

So this implies:

  • decreasing your anxiety levels
  • getting adequate sleep
  • engaging in regular exercise
  • restricting substances such as cigarettes and alcohol, 
  • avoid anything that may have the opposite impact on boners 
  • weight loss

Particularly antidepressants and hypertension drugs might interfere with sexual desire and create erection issues.

Consult your physician if you believe your medicine may be the problem.

Even if it should go without mentioning, being aroused is critical to getting hard and keeping an erection going. Some additional time spent on stimulation before penetration might assist in getting blood moving.

There is no technique to enhance penis size without undergoing surgery. Not that size is relevant or influences your capacity to give or receive meaningful pleasure.

If a larger penis is vital to you, you may make it seem and feel larger by maintaining a healthy weight, making your penis seem more significant than it is. Further, attempting to indulge in sex by utilizing sex positions that enable you to go deeper so it looks bigger to your companion are all ways to enhance your penis size. 

How To Buy The Best Penis Pump Online?

So to buy the best penis pump, you need to visit Ohman’s official website, browse the website, and choose your product to get FDA approved vaccum pump. 

Final Say

So this is all about the penis pump. Before using it, ensure that you read all the safety instructions and if you face any problem while using them, immediately stop. 

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