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Newchip Reviews Role Of Accelerator In A Business

The startup failures are not at all notorious without a reason. Almost nine out of ten start-ups usually end up in vein. The statistics of newchip reviews do speak the same about the ratio of success regarding the startup business plans. This may sound harsh as well as demeaning for all newbies in the business industry but it is actually true. The first thing in a business is to grasp the root. The startup business just flourishes like a plant seed. The initial stages in a seed’s life are quite crucial as well as difficult and demanding. When it grasps the roots and start getting its proper nutritional portions through the soil, the issue is over. Same is the case with the business start-ups. The early stages of business require investments; at the right time, in the right place and by the right people. The right decisions makes the business grasps it’s root faster than anyone can image.

According to newchip reviews, It is a crucial fact that whenever anyone starts a business plan, he never thinks of failure and hurdles. As per the opinion shared by newchip reviews, it is almost impossible to achieve the success without any professional help and guidance. When people blindly run towards the business start-ups assuming that with their passion and hard work, they will achieve anything and can cross any hurdle coming in their way, they reap a disaster. Success in business does not solely depends upon the passion, handwork and luck. It also depends upon how timely professional guidance is availed by any newbie. The newchip reviews has drawn a quite interesting quote that,


Modern Problems Require Modern Solution:

The quote seems to be quite accurate in the present scenario where almost every person having a internet connection wants to start a new business. The modern problems now have modern solutions. The professional guidance is not limited to offices and buildings, it is also available online as well as in person. This professional help and guidance is now termed as accelerators.

What Accelerators Provide?

Accelerators in the present age  provide first hand as well as to the point information, guidance and knowledge required for a specific business stage. With the growth of entrepreneurship programs, the popularity of accelerators has also been increased. A survey by newchip reviews  has shown the statistics that almost 83 percent of business start-ups which are done with the help of professional help are more successful as well as flourishing continuously in their respective fields. The business start-ups with no accelerators could only make 16 percent revenue. This statistic was done on the basis of one year performance.  

Role Of Accelerator In A Business Startup:

In order to answer the question regarding the need and purpose of accelerators, the mature answer would be that the accelerators are used to save the business from premature expiry. Any business that does not have proper capital, suitable environment, expertise to tackle the issues and hurdles, experience to make the way through thick and thin, can not be able to pave its way to the prosperity.

According to an estimate of newchip reviews, the total number of accelerators that are being used in different business dimensions are approximately 175. Now, there are 578 accelerators that are offering their services in various fields. The surprising fact about the accelerators is that they not only provide the finance, help, guidance as well as counselling, they also offer variety. An accelerator is not a universal thing, which can be fixed in any situation. Various field have different needs and requirements. Accelerators are designed as per need and requirements of each and every business.

The Salient Characteristics Of Accelerators:

1. Accelerators provide funding as well as support to the startup business.

2. Accelerators provide mentorships, supply chain of resources as well as office spaces for startup business.

3. Accelerators demand equity in return of it’s services.

4. Accelerator programs offer open access to the capital.

5. The total time span of an accelerator program usually comprises of 3 to 4 months.

6. The developmental projects in accelerators program are highly intensive as well as time sensitive.

7. The popularity reason for start ups primarily depends upon the fact that they offer dual benefit i.e. to the investor as well as to the entrepreneur.

8. The unique feature of accelerator is that they are designed to be multi-dimensional.

9. Accelerators have to be cohort based as well as mentorship driven. They have to be fixed term to achieve the biggest benefits in shortest time span.

10. The final of accelerator program is devised upon a demo day which means that entrepreneur has to present his skills, expertise and mastery in front of public to buy his idea.



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