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My Honest Review of ConvertBox 2022

ConvertBox combines the functions of an opt-in tool, a list expansion tool, and an on-site behavior-based retargeting tool into a single convenient package. Its adaptability and astounding conversion rates imply that it could serve as a replacement for more than one piece of software in your collection.

In this Convertbox review, we will discuss why you will need to target and re-target your existing traffic with personalised offers in order to maintain your online business over the long term. ConvertBox is one of the tools that you will want in order to accomplish this goal successfully.

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‍What is ConvertBox?

A fully automatic on-site tool for collecting email addresses, ConvertBox can be found here. The targeted interaction of your site’s visitors is meant to accomplish its goal of boosting sales and lead generation.

Through the utilization of very astute on-site messages and attractive lead capture forms, it creates a substantially more tailored opt-in experience for your website visitors, which is one of the factors that contributes to its high level of efficiency.

This is a review of the features and functionality of the email opt-in tool known as ConvertBox. Part of this review will be included here. It also includes a tactical advice on how you may use it for your company to ensure the highest possible return on investment.

Why Choose ConvertBox?

ConvertBox will deploy highly tailored messages to your website’s users, as opposed to generic, static messages, in order to encourage them to take action. Before presenting a tailored offer to the visitor in question, it takes into consideration site activity as well as the website that referred the visitor. This results in a highly personalized experience for the visitor in question. CRM stands for customer relationship management, and ESP stands for email service provider.
It provides a large number of customizable form fields.

When it comes to customizable form fields, you have a wide variety of options at your disposal. You may personalize your email collecting forms by choosing from a wide variety of styles, such as full-page and modal forms (we’ll go over these in further detail later), and then utilize the tool to transmit the collected emails to your CRM and ESP databases. That is the extent of its simplicity.

It allows for A/B testing to be conducted.

Through the use of the A/B split testing feature of the program, you will be able to determine what aspects of your testing strategy are successful and which ones are not. You can create and test many variations of your lead gathering forms directly within the visual editor, and then use the real-time data to make a prediction about which one will convert more effectively even before you launch.

It makes it possible to segment funnels.

You are able to divide up your audience into different groups with ConvertBox, allowing you to target relevant visitors with highly customised offers. One of its most lauded advantages is the capability to construct multiple-choice funnels, which allow you to classify and tag your website visitors before providing those visitors with offers that are tailored to their specific objectives and pursuits.

It is Simple to Put into Use

Within the visual editor, you are able to construct everything (and test it) by dragging and dropping elements into place. This covers the brand of your website, as well as any and all personalized messages and anything in between.
Everything Is Able to Be Followed

ConvertBox is a powerful opt-in solution for marketers because it provides real-time data and insights into each component of the communications you send. This is the final reason why ConvertBox is so effective.

Because of this, you will have the option to adjust each stage of the lead gathering campaign you are running until you find one that yields the highest possible return on investment.

Create Your Own Criteria for Targeting

Depending on the targeting guidelines that you choose to implement, your messages can have as narrow of a focus as feasible. ConvertBox, to your good fortune, gives you the ability to pick which visitors receive which messages based on a variety of parameters.

These include the total number of visitors, the website that sent them to the page, the type of device they are using, the area they are in, the percentage of the page that they have scrolled, and even the point in time at which they initiate an exit intent.
When it comes to the level of granularity at which you may target your site’s visitors based on the accurate data and behaviors that are collected by your website and ConvertBox, there is no upper limit.

Develop Interesting and Captivating On-Site Messages for Each and Every Kind of Sale or Offer
When it comes to the different kinds of offers that you may run using ConvertBox, there is literally no limit at all.

You can run limited time offers that drive visitors into a last-minute buying rush by targeting visitors who are abandoning their shopping carts with a new offer, you can increase sales by targeting previous customers with discount coupons, and you can even target visitors who are abandoning their shopping carts with a new offer.

You can keep your visitors continually engaged and ready to convert by presenting new offers to them in one of the many various ways that are available. The best news is that you are free to be as creative as you like in order to accomplish this goal.

Everything Can Be Managed From Just One Dashboard
It would be quite a hassle to keep up with ConvertBox if everything wasn’t clearly laid out on one dashboard given all the capability that it offers.


Build your email collecting forms, keep track of your opt-in elements, establish new rules, and target consumers all from one centralized location while simultaneously building a big email list that is segregated based on the activities and routines of your website visitors.

Integration with Marketing Tools Is Quick and Simple

You will be able to enjoy seamless connection with all of the key marketing tools, including autoresponders, page builders, and cart systems. ConvertBox will soon be universally compatible with all marketing tactics regardless of the tools that they rely on because integrations are being added on a regular basis and new ones are being developed.


Installs in less than two minutes at the most.
Including ConvertBox on your website requires nothing more than the addition of a minuscule amount of code to your page. You can also use the plugin that they provide for WordPress if you find it to be simpler.

Learn more about ConvertBox here:

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