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Major facelift information revealed! Toyota C-HR Concept Sneakily Revealed

Toyota’s first compact crossover Toyota C-HR 2022 model was first unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show and has been launched in the new car market, including Taiwan, followed by a minor facelift in 2019. The new model is expected to debut in autumn 2023, while the all-electric model may have to wait until after 2024.

Toyota’s first compact crossover C-HR, which was first unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, is due for a minor facelift in 2019 and will be the brand’s first purely electric model. Although no information about the new model has been revealed, the Japanese media has released a sketch of the new model. The front end of the model is expected to retain its sporty base, but the front end of the model will feature the new generation of Toyota branding.

The Japanese media has recently released a sketch of the new model, which retains the crossover’s sporty look but incorporates the styling of the bZ Compact SUV to give it a more avant-garde front-end look. (bZ Compact SUV shown)

The revised C-HR is expected to adopt the updated TNGA-C modular chassis architecture and incorporate the new generation 2.0-litre hybrid and E-Four electronic four-wheel drive settings.
In terms of chassis configuration, the revised C-HR is expected to feature an updated TNGA-C modular chassis configuration, a new-generation 2.0-litre hybrid configuration and, for the first time, E-Four electronic four-wheel drive. The new generation C-HR will also be equipped with the TSS 3.0 active safety system, which provides even better active safety assistance through improved detection and prevention functions.

It has been five years since the Toyota C-HR was launched in 2016, and Japanese media have recently received news that the C-HR is set to receive a major facelift in 2023, and have revealed some information about the C-HR’s major facelift.

According to the sketches released by the Japanese media Spyder7, the new generation of C-HR will retain the styling of the sporty crossover SUV and incorporate the design inspired by the bZ Compact SUV concept, giving the C-HR a more avant-garde look.

According to the Japanese media, the next-generation C-HR will be based on the upgraded TNGA-C platform, offering a more spacious cabin and the latest TSS 3.0 active safety system, making the new car even safer.

The next-generation C-HR will be powered by a new-generation 2.0L THS hybrid powertrain and, for the first time, will be available with E-Four electronic four-wheel drive, with an official launch expected in autumn 2023, followed by an all-electric version in 2024.

For the Malaysian market, the Toyota C-HR was previously imported in its entirety from the CBU in Thailand, but it will be replaced by the more spacious Corolla Cross, which is also based on the TNGA-C platform, as announced in November 2020.

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