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Major Difference Between Shawl, Scarf, Stole and wrap. 

One of the primary questions being asked and people usually confused with the answer is, What is the difference between stole, scarf, Shawl and stole. We all have been familiar with these terms and always thought of them as the same. Folks who are part of the fashion industry help you better understand the difference between all four and their role in your complete fashion outfit.

All of them are accessories worn to uplift your complete outfit, and all of them are daily wardrobe essentials you can wear on any occasion or for everyday purposes. Hence it is vital to know the difference between them, their shape, size, fabric and most importantly, their use. Let’s look at some of the significant differences between Shawl, stole, scarf and wrap. 

Difference Between Shawl, Scarf, Stole and wrap. 


You might be thinking about what a scarf is. A famous piece of fabric is worn around the head or neck of a human being. The scarf is a fashion accessory worn to make you look good with your outfit. It also helps in protecting you from wind, dust, and warm air during summer. The scarf is also used for religious purposes. They are available in a variety of colors, designs and materials. 

Women mostly wear the scarf during the winter days. That is why these scarves usually come with heavy wool or silk fabric that helps you keep warm. The best thing about the scarf is that both of them can be worn formally and casually. Nowadays you have seen that every person carries scarves. The scarves has gained a immense popular among everyone among everyone due to modern fashion requirements. 


The origin of the stole is not too old. The stole is recently part of the fashion industry and our life. They are an extended version of the Shawl. The word popular accessories is derived from the Roman word stole, which means women’s version of the men’s toga. The Shawl and stole are identical to each other, and there is not any significant difference which you will find between them. 

Differentiating both of them, the stoles come with a minimalistic design, and it is a more formal version of the Shawl. The shape of the stole is much narrower and made with fancier material, which helps make it work with various traditional outfits. The fabric used to make the stole is made from light fabric such as silk, chiffon and satin. 

The stole nowadays has become one of the essential fashion accessories among the youth. Everyone tries to flex their Ethnic wear outfit by accessorizing it with a stole. You can also shop these beautiful handcrafted printed stoles from the Kutchi Bazaar. They have a variety of beautifully handmade stole, which comes with Bandhani, Ajrakh, batik and Bujodi styles. You can Buy batik print stole along with ajrakh and bandhani from Kutchi Bazaar.


A shawl is a rectangular/triangular/square larger fabric generally draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the body. It is worn for decorative, religious purposes, or to keep warm.

The Shawl is known for its elegant appearance. Both formal and casual attire will look elegant when you wear it with the Shawl. You can wear a shawl in many ways, and each style will look fabulous.

During winter, it will help you to stay in a style game. Any shawl can vamp up your winter wardrobe with the pretty embroidery or classic colors.


The wrap is utilized casually. While most shawls are made of natural fabrics such as wool, Pashmina, or silk, the wraps are made of more luxurious materials. 

Wraps are fashionable, while shawls are traditional pieces of clothing.

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