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Junkie Review Poll | Is Survey Junkie Legit? What do you need to know!

  • – Survey Junkie allows users to accumulate digital points every time they take a survey, which can be redeemed for cash or PayPal gift cards.
  • – Registration is free and the opinions you offer during surveys can actually help shape the products and services of the future.
  • – You can only earn $ 0.50 to $ 3 for each survey you take, but you can earn steady income by completing each survey you qualify for.

If you’re looking for an easy way to earn some secondary income in your spare time, Survey Junkie is worth a close look. This website connects you with surveys that you can take online and from the comfort of your home.

While you won’t make a lot of money for every survey you take (usually $ 0.50 to $ 3), you can easily accumulate a stash of points if you regularly participate and complete all the surveys you are eligible for. Read on to learn more about Survey Junkie, its pros and cons, and how to sign up and get started.

About the company

  • Survey Junkie is an online platform that pays users for participating in digital surveys.
  • Reward points earned with Survey Junkie can be redeemed for famous brand gift cards or transfers to your PayPal account.
  • You can take Survey Junkie on your computer or mobile device of choice at any time of the day or night.
  • Signing up with Survey Junkie is 100% free.

Drug poll: how it works

Survey Junkie is an online platform that connects users with a variety of surveys from famous brands and service providers. Signing up and starting using Survey Junkie is absolutely free.

Online surveys

If you have some free time and want to make money easily, taking online surveys might be ideal. There is a low barrier to entry to get started and nearly everyone is eligible for a few surveys based on the information they include in their profile.

The pay is quite low, around $ 0.50 to $ 3 for each completed survey, however many questionnaires take 20 minutes or less and are rarely difficult or stressful. Also, keep in mind that some surveys pay more in “points” than others. Most surveys currently available are worth between 80 and 150 points, and each point is worth a penny each.

To sign up for Survey Junkie, all you need to do is press “Join Now” on the website home page.

From there, you can start your application via a Google or Facebook account and offering additional information such as your postcode, date of birth and gender. Once you have created an account, you will begin filling out your profile by answering questions about yourself.

At the beginning of the process, plan to answer questions about:

  • Living situation
  • Income
  • Buying habits
  • Pets
  • Education level

Once you’ve created a profile, you can maximize the rewards you earn by downloading the Pulse app. This browser extension allows you to earn more points for each survey you take and you can also access exclusive rewards by sharing your browsing activity. You will also be entitled to more surveys in general if you have this browser extension on your computer.

Please note that you can only redeem rewards earned with Survey Junkie after you have accumulated at least $ 5 in your account. While you can redeem your points for PayPal cash, you can also choose to redeem gift cards from top brands like Amazon and Target.

Unique features

The products and services offered by Survey Junkie are not complicated at all. Creating an account is free and you are rewarded with points for taking part in the surveys you are eligible for. Once you’ve accumulated at least $ 5 in rewards, you can redeem them for PayPal cash or gift cards.

Interesting features you should know before signing up include:

  • More points via the Survey Junkie Pulse app : Downloading the app or adding the browser extension to your device helps you earn more reward points. It also increases the number of surveys you are eligible for.
  • Use your influence: While you get paid to answer basic questions, the information you provide to Survey Junkie is actually used to influence the brands you love. This platform pays back your time, but you can also help shape the products and services of the future.

Who Survey Junkie is best for

Getting paid to answer questions may sound too good to be true, yet Survey Junkie is as legitimate as it comes. In fact, the company mostly boasts great reviews on nearly 25,000 user experiences on Trustpilot.

However, it is important to remember that you will not get rich by taking surveys on Survey Junkie. This option is best for:

  • Busy people who want to earn PayPal gift cards or cash in their spare time
  • Anyone who has several hours to kill a couple of times a week, for example during their child’s sports training or piano lessons
  • Parents who are accumulating rewards that they can use for Christmas presents or birthday presents
  • People who want to do something senseless while watching television or relaxing

Many of their surveys pay only $ 0.50, and you may only be eligible for $ 10 or less in surveys in any given week. When you’re taking surveys at the lower end of the pay scale, you might only be earning $ 1 to $ 4 per hour, which isn’t much at all.

Survey Junkie is more of a “side job” and less of a part-time job. Since you may not be eligible for all surveys, it’s also a poor choice for people who need reliable secondary income.

Survey drugged compared to other survey sites

You probably know that several companies do exactly what Survey Junkie does. However, not all survey sites work the same, so be sure to check out a few other platforms if you plan on using only one:

Junkie Survey Inbox Dollars Swagbuck Free Free Free Activities Required Surveys Surveys Watching



Games Surveys

Watching Videos


Web Browsing Redemption Options Paypal Gift Cards Paypal



Paypal Gift Cards Minimum Redemption Amount $ 5 $ 30 $ 3

What you should know about online surveys

Taking online surveys can make sense if you have free time to burn, but what else should you know about this industry? Here are some important factors to keep in mind as you explore the world of online survey sites:

  • Earn more rewards by using more than one platform. Because some survey sites limit the number of surveys you can take each month, many people sign up for multiple platforms and use them all. Also note that some Survey Junkie competitors also offer rewards for watching videos, playing games, or shopping online.
  • Surveys are important for big brands. Surveys offered on sites like Survey Junkie are important marketing tools that provide crucial information that businesses need. The answers provided in consumer surveys help brands personalize their products or services for real people like you.

The bottom line

Survey Junkie is a free platform that allows users to answer questions in exchange for cash or PayPal gift cards. You won’t be earning a ton of money for the time you put in, but this platform allows you to easily amass a stash of rewards that you can use to pay for crazy or even everyday bills.

As there are many online survey sites offering money, however, you should compare the best options before signing up. In the meantime, read about other smart ways to earn money at home.

Survey Junkie FAQ

Survey Junkie is a legitimate survey site with mostly excellent user reviews. When you participate in surveys with this platform, you can count on receiving the rewards that have been promised to you as long as you meet the program requirements.

Most surveys on Survey Junkie pay $ 0.50 to $ 3, and your income depends on how many surveys you take. A monthly income of between $ 20 and $ 50 is reasonable if you accept all of the surveys available to you.

Survey Junkie offers a quick and easy way to earn $ 20 in PayPal cash in a relatively short period of time. You will receive $ 0.50 to $ 3 for every survey you take and you can cash out a PayPal transfer once you’re ready and have at least $ 5 in rewards in your account.

A PayPal transfer from Survey Junkie can happen instantly. You can also redeem your e-gift card rewards as soon as you’re ready.

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