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India visa application for Swedish and Italian Citizens


Not only is India’s tourism industry growing rapidly, but it is also diversifying itself to accommodate the different types of tourism that people around the world are involved in today. This makes India one of the top tourist destinations in the world.In 2014, the Government of India introduced the electronic travel permit, which allows travelers from 166 countries to easily apply for an Indian E-VISA. The whole application process is online and quite convenient as travelers avoid the hassle of going to the local embassy or consulate to apply for a visa or submit their documents. Once the online application is completed in a few simple steps, applicants will receive their visa via email, which saves them a lot of time and labor.

Indian Visa for Swedish Citizens can apply online, There are also several types of Indian visas that Swedish nationals can apply for depending on the reasons for forcing them to travel to their country. If the purpose of travel is tourism, then Swedish travelers can apply for an Indian e-tourist visa. E-Business Visa is for travelers interested in traveling to India to engage in business. Finally, an eMedical visa is for travelers who want to travel to the country for medical treatment. There are also medical-attendant visas for those traveling in the country with someone receiving medical treatment.

Do Swedish passport holders need a VISA for India?

Government of India All foreigners traveling to India are required to obtain an Indian visa before entering the country. For Swedish citizens, there are several visa options to choose from depending on the nature of their intended trip to the country. Travelers are encouraged to view the list of Indian Evisa and apply for the one suitable for their travel needs. Each visa type has its own requirements which travelers have to comply with so travelers have to choose one carefully.

India visa for Italian citizens

India’s tourism industry is growing rapidly. The Government of India is taking steps to ensure that the journey of travelers to India is as safe and effective as possible. In 2014, the Indian government introduced electronic travel permits that allow citizens of more than 166 countries worldwide to travel to India on an E-VISA. This new system makes it easier for these travelers to obtain an Indian visa and is a more efficient way to obtain a visa than visiting a local Indian embassy or consulate in general.

Do Italian citizens need a VISA for India?

India visa for Italian citizens can easily apply online. All non-Indian foreign travelers must apply for and receive an Indian visa to visit India. Travelers can choose from a variety of visas that India offers depending on the nature of their intended trip to their country. For sightseeing and other tourism-related activities, travelers may choose to apply for an Indian e-tourist visa. For business-related initiatives, travelers have the option to apply for an e-business visa, and for medical purposes, travelers may apply for a medical visa or a medical-attendant visa, depending on their circumstances.


Travelers arriving in Indian E-VISA can enter the country from 28 designated airports and 5 seaports, but departures can be planned from any one of the approved immigration check posts. It should be noted that if travelers plan to arrive by land or sea, they must obtain an Indian visa through their local embassy or consulate before entering the country.

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