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How to Protect Your Investment? Keep Stored Grain Cool and Dry

Preserving grain for a longer period of time has been a great and tiring exercise that should be practiced religiously. If you are looking for a German chiller manufacturer, then always ensure that you are getting the perfect grain chillers. Grain preservation is always about keeping the grains cool and dry. If there is moisture in the grain more than it should be, there are more chances that your grain will get spoiled. The biggest threat to grain is moisture and rodents because both are the reasons for the fungi and pest infestation. If you notice any rodent droppings or moisture in your grain, try to separate the infested grain from the fresh grain so that you can save the remaining ones.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the measures through which you can save your grains. Here we go.

Grain Chillers

The first and the most important thing you can do for your grain is to install grain chillers. In laymen’s terms, grain chillers are the big ACs that keep your grain cool and dry. Ever seen condensation on the mirrors during the rainy season? The condensation is due to excess humidity inside the room. Ever seen mushroom farming? How do mushrooms grow? What is a mushroom? Mushrooms are typically fungi that grow in humidity in the availability of less sunlight and more condensation or you can say moisture. In mushroom farms, the ideal humidity is kept to ensure that it is favorable for the fungi growth. So, if your grains have humidity, then they can become a perfect source of fungi infestation which will lead to deterioration of grain. So, grain chillers become an ideal alternative to save your grains from fungi and pest infestation. But remember; always purchase the best quality grain chiller from a reputed chiller manufacturer in India that ensures that you are getting the best quality chillers.

Look for the Vents

If you have vents that are uncovered, then get them covered with nets because vents work as an invitation for the rodents and pests that further cause infestation. If there are rodents and pests in your facility, they can further damage the grains which will cause a huge financial loss to you.

Measure Grain Temperature

Always ensure that your grain is getting an ideal temperature so that it can be preserved for the future. Measure and record the stored grain temperature at several places near the top surface, along with the walls within the grain. When it comes to measuring, temperature sensors work as an excellent tool to monitor the grain. But remember that the temperature sensors work only if they are placed next to the grains. As grains are a good insulator, the grain temperature may vary within a few lots. If you increase the grain temperature it can attract insect infestation or mold growth.

Good Bin Roof Ventilation is Important

The major challenge to keep the grain cool during the summer is that solar energy on the bin roof heats the air above the grain. Convection currents in the grain flow up in the bin wall and down into the grain near the top middle of the bin, which further brings heated air into the grain which is not good.


Grain life completely depends upon the moisture content and the temperature. The allowed storage is cumulative, so if half the life is used since harvest, only half remains for the rest of the storage period. This is crucial for grain being stored into the late summer or for more than a year. Every 10 degrees the grain temperature increases and reduces the allowable storage time by about half.

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