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How to Prevent an Impending Relapse with Halfway Homes?

Relapses are common occurrences and even if it happens once in a while it certainly does not sound the death knell for the recovery program. However, being vigilant about relapses is extremely important at all times. When recognized promptly, they can be managed in time, helping the substance abuse victim to come back to the road to recovery.

 Shifting a patient to one of the sober living homes after he completes his stay at a rehab could be a smart move. Before finalizing such important decisions, it is perhaps essential to understand the behavioral patterns associated with an upcoming relapse.

How do you know that a Relapse is around the Corner? 

We know a relapse may be somewhere just around the corner when 

  • The abuse victim romanticizes drug or alcohol usage all the time making up rosy stories surrounding abuse and how wonderful it actually feels to be under the influence of these drugs. 
  • The victim starts feeling that one slip will actually be ok. He justifies the slip rather than being guilty about it or condemning it! 
  • He starts being dishonest with money and also with similar everyday things and even begins meaningless lying. 
  • You may also witness a pattern where the victim goes into social withdrawal and starts distancing himself from other people at large. 
  • He skips therapy and does not attend meetings propagated by support groups. 
  • He starts interacting more and more with friends who are still into substance abuse. 

If you witness one or more of these symptoms or behavioral changes, it could be time for action.

Halfway Homes can Deal with the Problems

This is how a halfway home can be of help:

  • A sobriety home is regimented. It does not offer the required environment for romanticizing substance abuse. If you choose your circle carefully, discussing substance consumption may not be a possibility at all. 
  • There will be no chances of slipping when you are halfway home. The environment is supportive of abstinence. You will have a healthy schedule and employment too, in order to keep your mind on these attractions.
  • According to the laws of halfway homes, inmates are not allowed to keep valuables. Instances of theft and stealing are few and far between.
  • Halfway houses are all about community living where your day-to-day life is based on sharing. It could be sharing spaces, sharing work and responsibilities, attending common gatherings where you share your experiences, and so on. Seclusion, therefore, isn’t possible at all. 
  • Inmates are monitored so that they can attend community meetings regularly. Missing them is not an option.
  • Finding someone who is still into substance abuse is impossible when you are in a halfway home. 

A halfway house in Texas will help in providing a freshly recovered addict with the ideal environment for revival and recuperation. He or she will need this controlled atmosphere to keep their impulses in check and stabilize their inclinations before being allowed complete freedom. Once they complete their stay successfully, they can go back to their families, sporting flying colors!

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