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How to Do TP Link Extender Setup Using a PC?

Facing problems in installing a TP Link extender? Not anymore! This article is going to be your ultimate guide to performing a TP Link extender setup. So, you should not miss out on even a single point mentioned below. Further, you get to know about things crucial during the extender setup process.

So, without any further delay, let’s get you through the TP Link extender setup process. Knowing how to do it means you become sufficient to perform the extender installation in the future. Read on.

TP Link Extender Setup Process

Turn on Extender

Unwrap the TP Link extender and plug it into a switchboard. Before that, you should check that the wall outlet is not defective or loose. Moreover, turn on the power switch. In case the TP Link extender has a start button, press it and wait for the LED lights to get stable. Make sure you further attach the extender antennas if there are any.

Connect With Router

In the next step, you should link the extender to the host router. That is where the Ethernet cable comes into play. Connect one end to the extender and the other to the router. However, you can also link them wirelessly. While doing so, you must ensure that both the devices are placed close to each other while forming a wireless connection.

Choose Central Location

One of the most important elements you must consider is the extender placement. It should be the central location of your house. Moreover, be wary of the windows and objects hampering the transmission of WiFi signals. A few good examples are reflexive surfaces, metal objects, heavy electrical appliances, and much more. Also, choose a high ground to place your TP Link extender.

Launch a Web Browser

Move to your computer or laptop and launch a web browser. The right web browser is going to play a crucial role in accessing the login page. So, you should look at some key factors while choosing a web browser. First of all, it needs to have the latest version. Apart from that, the chosen web browser must be compatible with your PC. Furthermore, you must clean its cookies and cache files.

Enter Web Address

Once the chosen web browser runs smoothly, you need to enter the official TP Link extender web address. While entering the web address, you must be careful. For instance, there should not be any typing errors. Moreover, the address should be filled in the address bar only. Moreover, the Caps Lock keys need to be turned off. All the pointers help you enter the correct web address in the web browser.

Log into the Extender

After pressing the Enter key, you are redirected to the TP Link extender login page. Hence, you should have extender login details by your side. In case you don’t know your login credentials, you should refer to the repeater user manual. Click the Log In button once you are done typing in the details.

Note: You can also use the TP Link app to do the repeater login.

Follow On-Screen Instructions

You get access to the repeater login page. Hence, you should get through all the on-screen instructions. If needed, you can change the settings as per your requirement. Apply and save the settings to complete the TP Link repeater setup process.

Wrap Up

Whether you perform the TP Link AC1200 setup or configure any other TP Link repeater, similar steps will be followed. So, make sure you check each point with greater insight and learn what should be done to set up your TP Link extender. After that, you can easily connect to the extender network and have internet access without any hassle.

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