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Grow Your Business With Online B2B Mobile Recharge Software

It’s an online software for mobile recharge built with the vast functionality of multi-recharge with all operators. Recharge industry vendors can grow their market value in the recharge business with a mobile recharging system. It can help you spread your network across India because it’s an online software for mobile recharge built with the vast functionality of multi-recharge with all operators. If you’re in the recharge business and want to develop a network of recharge service providers, you should get b2b recharge software. It’s a business to business software that connects infinite distributors and retailers online and offline all across India.

It functions as a business software for the recharging industry. If you own this recharging software with extensive capability, you have the power or authority to control all distributors or retailers in the software’s admin area. With this amazing recharging software, you may improve your everyday earnings in the recharge industry.

Mobile Recharge API is a must-have for your own mobile recharge application! E-Recharge byte offers a master recharge API that allows you to manage your business with quick and easy recharge alternatives. Our software uses a robotic mode of operation, so it can manage all of your business tasks as if it were a robot. In the backend of the master recharge API, our Robotic Recharge API (E-Recharge Byte 4.0) follows an automatic shifting of mobile recharge APIs.

In the recharge sector, there are two types of recharging software: b2b and b2c. B2C, as previously mentioned, has the ability to link an unlimited number of distributors and retailers. The administrator of the software can create a master distributor, and an unlimited number of distributors or retailers can offer recharge services for any postpaid/prepaid recharge operators. And one of the most recent additions to b2b recharge software is offline services, which the administrator can enable and sell to his distributors or shops.

Features Of B2B Mobile Recharge Software:

1. Reduce Time

2. Keep your data secure

3. Ease to use

4. Custom reports with depth analysis

5. Multiple API integration service

6. Expand customer achieve in less time

Another similar B2C recharge software, it’s a completely online recharge software that allows online users to recharge for mobile, dth, datacard, and bill payment services from all postpaid/prepaid operators. We’ve developed a multi-functional online recharge software with an SEO-friendly structure that helps to increase daily traffic. And the Recharge API is integrated into both b2b and b2c recharging software, and it is used to recharge all operators and commissions are automatically added to a wallet or account.

Ezytmtechnologies is a leading provider of B2B mobile recharge software for businesses and industries. Our software allows you to immediately recharge any mobile or DTH device from anywhere. This B2B mobile recharge software is effective for all major telecom/DTH operators in India.

Start a multi recharge service on your business domain using web mobile recharge software, and connect business partners such as distributors, retailers, and customers on your website to offer all-in-one recharge and bill payment for all major telecom or bill pay operators. And then you can start making money with multi-recharge services.

Ezytm offers a variety of mobile recharge development services that are tailored to the demands of its clients and are cost-effective. We also offer APIs for mobile recharge, DTH & data card recharge, and utility bill payment APIs such as landline bills, postpaid bills, gas, insurance, and electricity. In India, Ezytm provides One Sim Multi Recharge Software and Robotics Recharge API services. In Jaipur, we provide all mobile recharge API solutions and systems.

Mobile Recharge Software may be used to create your own White Label Applications, recharge portals for mobile recharge, B2B and B2C applications, and more. offers a master recharge API solution for large corporations; from this, they can create their own API and resell it to small businesses.

If you are interested in the recharge business, you can begin working with us. We can assist you in developing multi-functional recharge software that will help you improve your recharge earnings.

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