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Great Lakes Review: The Pros and Cons

We’ve gathered together the advantages and disadvantages of the Great Lakes. Despite the fact that you can’t pick a credit servicer, it’s great to be aware however much as could reasonably be expected about them, including your reimbursement choices.


  • Government Repayment Options: Because Great Lakes is a bureaucratic understudy loan servicer, you’ll approach all standard bureaucratic choices, for example, pay based understudy loan reimbursement and REPA.
  • Numerous Payment Methods Available: Great Lakes clients can pay utilizing an assortment of techniques, including checks, cash orders, charge cards, and programmed withdrawals.
  • Long History: Great Lakes has been doing business for quite a while and is a credit servicer explicitly chose by the national government as a supplier.


  • Claim: Great Lakes were one of the organizations in a legal claim charging it misused CARES pandemic help reserves. This won’t be guaranteed to influence your understudy loan installment.

Oftentimes Asked Questions (FAQ) about Great Lakes Educational Loan Services

We’ve responded to the absolute most normal inquiries regarding Great Lakes’ schooling credit administrations.

Are Great Lakes Loans Legitimate?

Indeed, Great Lakes is genuine. It’s one of the biggest bureaucratic advance servicers in the nation, and the central government confides in it enough to employ it to deal with its understudy loan programs. In spite of the fact that getting a surprising email from an organization guaranteeing that you owe cash can disturb, for this situation it is typical.

Are Great Lakes Loans Bad?

Forget about it. Incredible Lakes doesn’t give Loans: it just offers government understudy loans or credits given by confidential associations. In the event that you’ve at any point taken out an understudy loan, there’s a decent opportunity it will wind up in the possession of Great Lakes to gather installment.

How can I say whether I have a Great Lakes credit?

In the event that you don’t know who your credit servicer is, you can contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-433-3243 to find out. You can likewise look into your data in the National Student Loan Data System.

Are Great Lakes advances private or government?

None. Since Great Lakes doesn’t give the advance, it additionally doesn’t influence the private or government status of any credits you are paying through it.

This implies that the advance you are paying through Great Lakes could be private or government, however that not set in stone by the monetary foundation that made the credit in any case.

How would I dispose of a Great Lakes credit?

You pay it! When your understudy loans are paid off (or you arrive at the 25-year release point for specific government credits), you’re finished with Great Lakes. Up to that point, the main alternate method for disposing of them is to solidify your obligation, which might mean Great Lakes moves your understudy loan to an alternate servicer.

Are understudy loans pardoned following 20 years?

A few government credits might have the leftover equilibrium pardoned after a reimbursement time of 20 to 25 years. It’s essential to take note of that this main applies to advances on one of the pay based reimbursement plans (REPAYE, PAYE, IBR, and ICR) recorded previously. You actually need to make the credit installments for those 20 years; you can’t simply disregard the advance and have it pardoned in years and years.

To see whether you’re in one of these plans, the best thing to do is contact your credit servicer; assuming you’re understanding this, it’s presumably Great Lakes.

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