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German Shepherd


                                                          A German shepherd dog organized in German. That is a very loyal, strong, intelligent, and steady dog. For a dog, lover delight is truly a German Shepherd dog. They look like wolves. This breed is considered smart and easy to train. German Shephard is mostly quite active and has like something to do. They are the most popular breed and loyal breed and top of the ranked consistently in America. And it’s very easy to see why they are the most unique and loyal breed.


This dog’s name is basically Alsatian Wolf dog but in the UK after the first war in 1977 then its name changed and they started being called German Shepherd. In America that was the third most registered breed by the American Kennel Club. And that was the seventh most important breed in the United Kingdom in the kennel club. In America, it was the most popular breed because of some good reasons. They are used as usual as rescue dogs and as working dogs and they are mostly used on military bases. 


They are available in large and medium-size. And their height is twenty-two to twenty-six inches. The length of the body is greater than the height.


Upper teeth are positioned square to the jaws and closely overlap lower teeth. They have healthy and strong teeth and forty-two teeth are disgusting with full dentition.


Long and robust, with well-developed muscles and a clear throat. Carried at a 45-degree angle to the horizontal, raised when agitated, dropped when trotting quickly.


They are available in seven colors Black, Grey, White, Brown, Chocolate, Blue, and liver. 


Their lifetime is seven to ten or thirteen years. The longest living this breed is recorded they survived eighteen years old, and perhaps even older. Many other ways of can having owners add years to their dog’s life through proper diet, exercise, and veterinary care. If we discuss female German Shepard bread so, they live an additional 1.4 years on average than males.

Barking Level:

Their barking level is frequent. They need daily exercise and they stand out in a crowd.

Double Coated Dog:

They are double layers coated. And they require daily brushing according to AKC.

Varieties of coat:

There are two varieties of coats;

The outer coat consists of a straight, hard, and thick undercoat. 

Hairs on-ear, the head, legs, on the neck are longer and thicker; in some males forming slight roughness.

Outer Coat:

The outer coat is longer, not straight, and abiding not lie close and flat to the body. Long Hairs are back of the forelegs, as through to the lions.


They have a bushy-haired tail that reaches at least to hock Ideal-length reaching to the middle of under obligation.


They need two meals in a day but it will depend on your breed, age, or size. The German Shepherd dog is mostly used as a guard dog and the herding dog. They have naturally upright ears. They have long necks. A male German Shepherd showing strong muscles and long muscles with medium-sized eyes.


So, if we discuss the main characteristics of a German Shepard then they are, attentiveness, the steadiness of nerves, loyalty, alternative, and nonconformity, so, These Characteristics are all important for an accomplished working dog.


Specifically, German Shepherd dogs were for their intelligence. Stanley Coren is a psychology professor, and writer on the intelligence, and mental abilities of dogs. Because of that German Shephard is a watchdog in the list of dogs they are known as a barking dogs, So, Stanley Coren gave the second rank in breeds. 

Why they are important?

Basically, this is one of the most famous dogs for your security and this is one of the most famous for your house or some other things safety. So, some people buy this dog just for sailing or some are bought for safety and some people buy this breed just for cradles.

So, if we discuss this dog, you know how much people like this.

A person who bought this dog who does not feel lonely and who does not feel fair. Because who knows that I am safe because this dog is fully active and this breed is always ready for all types of trouble.


Basically, German shepherds are generally healthy but compared to other breeds they are prone to certain health conditions. Not all German Shepherds succumb to these diseases, but it’s important to be aware if you are considering this breed.

Because of that German Shepherd breed are so strong and healthy and has strong guarding, so, be careful from purchasing this breed because some other poor breeds are most nervous.

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