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Expensive Skincare Products are Not Always the Best. Here is What you Need to Know

We all use skincare products to make ourselves look good. But there are more reasons for using such products rather than just the beauty aspect. Most of us use skincare and beauty products to look good, but there are more aspects to it that I would like to discuss. Have you ever thought about the price of skin care products you are using?

The price varies across many different types of products and whether they are included in its pricing is not. The tax that is applied to a product can also be a factor in making it expensive even as the company tries hard to market it for a cheaper price. But they face several barriers, like taxes, which will be discussed later on. For the time being, think about how and why expensive products are always visible in a supermarket or even a small convenience store. And the best product in the category may not even be visible.

Go through this blog as I discuss this and several other aspects that can tell you about the pricing of skincare products. And this is why you should not go for the most expensive product on the shelf.

Why Is Pricing Not the Prime Factor?

There are several anti-aging skincare and beauty products available on the market that help consumers. While anti-aging products are not new and have been available on the market for several years now, some of the results are miraculous, to say the least. And that is one good reason for the insane popularity of this product.

You can find several skincare products that range from being inexpensive to be available for hundreds of dollars. There is a myth about expensive products, and it is not related to just skincare products. While good quality and inexpensive products are deemed cheap and of lower quality. This is not correct and, in this blog now, I will try to explain why not every expensive product is of the highest quality.

Why the Most Expensive Products Aren’t Always the Best

The idea that I would like to discuss now is not a novel one. You may not have the idea that the most expensive products on the shelf use an exorbitant amount on marketing. This is one good reason why they get a prominent place in a grocery store or the most strategically placed shop in a shopping mall. The marketing minds behind such products ensure that their products get the maximum eyeballs. And the same is true for skincare products.
When was the last time you went shopping for any of your required skincare products? And what was the first thing that you noticed on the shelves? It is probably a new product that is trying to make inroads. This is absolutely fine, as there are a number of products that use such marketing tactics. The most expensive products are the best-placed cosmetics at a department store like Target or Walmart, and this is the norm.

The companies that spend on skincare products in the best possible locations surely won’t sell them for a cheaper price. If you are unaware of the pricing mechanism in marketing, you want to know what goes behind this process. They will try to recover their investment quickly by putting a high price tag on their product.

Use of Influencers and Celebrities

The use of influencers to test skincare products and show them on different social media platforms is not a new ploy anymore. Even if you currently use social media, you will come across a number of such posts where influencers try to get your attention by using expensive skin care products. And many times, their followers are not of the highest quality.

Similarly, these products are also used by famous celebrities like singers and actors and do pretty much the same thing as the influencers. One thing I’m trying to say here is that it’s not the product’s quality that’s being marketed, but something else. As a consumer, you should be more inclined towards knowing what the product offers and what its features are rather than going for the suggestion of a celebrity.

Marketing Foreign Products

Marketing foreign products in any market is a tricky affair. You will be surprised to know that there are certain aspects for which launching a product in a new market can be very cumbersome. The barriers to penetrating into a new market can be so huge that it will find it difficult to make a mark for itself. And if somehow it can make it through, surviving in a cutthroat market can be tough.

I can give you the example of launching Korean skin care products in Pakistan. There are hundreds of companies that are doing such business, bringing products from different countries around the world. Korean products are world-renown for their quality and are also not very expensive compare to the products produced in the USA and other prominent countries in the European Union. But the quality of these products is one good reason why they have taken the Pakistani market by storm and are hugely popular here.

Businesses need to think about strategies related to penetrating into a new market or segment and coming out triumphant. The marketing brains behind new products must burn the midnight oil to devise strategies to capture the market, or at least get hold of a sizeable chunk of it.

Over to you

I am sure that many of my readers will be excited enough after going through this blog. and would like to learn more about how to market skincare products. And I am also 100 percent sure that now you know that being expensive is not synonymous with the best quality.

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask any question you have in mind, you are more than welcome to speak up. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below, and I will reach you at my earliest.

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