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Brazil are among the top contenders to take home the World Cup in Qatar and are gearing up for the tournament

Brazil Internationals Richarlison and Vinicius Jr were separated after fighting during an intense training session.

Two players could be observed holding hands as the fight raged on Saturday. Experiential internationals Neymar as well as Dani Alves were among those who rushed to the scene and end the dispute It’s not clear what caused the incident.

Brazil are among the top contenders to take home the World Cup in Qatar and are gearing up for the tournament with friendly matches in Asia during the month. They beat South Korea 5-1 on Thursday which included a Richarlison goal and will play Japan in Japan on the Monday.

The fight between the two is just a few two days following Richarlison was seen congratulating Vinicius on taking home the Champions League. Vinicius was the Brazilian scored the winning goal in the game for Real Madrid in their 1-0 win over Liverpool at Paris in the month of March.

Brazil hasn’t won the contest for over 20 years since it last took place in Asia. In reality there isn’t a single South American nation has tasted the glory since Brazil’s victory. Argentina are the nearest to glory but lost by 1-0 in the final to Germany during the last match of Brazil eight years ago.

Ballon d’Or winner Kaka, who was part of the previous Brazil team to win the World Cup, believes the current crop of players will be successful in Qatar. “We recently completed the qualifying round and are top of the rankings,” said the AC Milan legend, quoted in Arab News.

“It’s been a great job by Tite as the coach who has been in place from the very first World Cup, with a many young players emerging and developing at the right time. That’s why I believe that Brazil is one of the most favored teams.”

Kaka said: “Tite is very good in his tactics. He knows the players, how to play. He also gave the team a name. We can therefore see Brazil performing extremely well. Another positive thing that has occurred in the last couple of match was that Brazil performed very well even without Neymar.

“It doesn’t mean we do not need him. We do need him. However, I believe that taking all the responsibility and allow him to shine. That’s why Brazil is able to make a difference at this World Cup.”

Kaka added: “France will be one of the favorites. Germany is also a favourite, as they have a really excellent team. Of course, when we talk of Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal will be always a strong national team that is tough to play. Argentina is also playing, along with the likes of [Lionel] Messi along with [Lionel] Messi and Belgium. Furthermore, Spain is doing exceptionally well. According to me, it’s going to be those teams.”

Anupama Written Update

Anupama Written Update

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