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Best 3 Effective Outbound Ways Of Lead Generation

Outbound is a famous team in marketing. It refers to marketing through billboards, TVs, ads, radios, and others. However, while these techniques are fantastic for informing consumers, they do not specifically target potential clients. To reach out to potential customers, the company must hire a team of outbound lead generation. One of their primary responsibilities is contacting potential clients via email, cold phoning, and social media prospecting. Distributing brochures at trade exhibitions and conferences is one way they may broaden their reach.

This article discusses the most effective ways of generating outbound leads. With these outbound ways, you can generate more organic leads, which eventually help in growing your business.

Importance of Outbound Leads

  • Faster than inbound marketing and attracts potential clients quicker
  • Provides the opportunity to try a larger range of communications approaches in more markets
  • Helps in improvising the sales result 
  • Makes your sales team more flexible
  • Allows your sales staff to outsource low-value and repetitive tasks
  • Provides more accurate leads and information
  • Direct, one-on-one communication from the initial point of contact enhances targeting and speeds up the sales process.

Most Effective Outbound Ways

There are various outbound strategies for lead generation. However, we will emphasize the three most effective ones for B2B market. These include Emails, Phone calls, and LinkedIn.


Emails are one of the most effective ways of initiating contact. It helps in generating organic leads and distributing content evenly and proficiently. Moreover, email marketing allows you to handle clients’ queries and suggestions much better. It also helps to generate a higher ROI of nearly about 3800%. 

A higher rate of ROI is achieved when your company:

  • Keep a consistent schedule for sending and receiving emails.
  • Utilize dependable, automated marketing solutions to carry out your email marketing campaigns.
  • Create emails with a high open-rate 
  • The subject line should reflect the interest of your intended audience
  • Use visuals sparingly and give a personal touch whenever possible

Phone Calls

Phone calls play a significant role in lead generation. It helps provide your customers with a quick solution, faster lead qualification, keeping in touch with those who came to you via inbound channels, and many others. Cold calling is one of the effective ways of generating massive leads. To make the best use of this outbound way, you must follow these:

  • Before setting up a meeting, do as much research as possible about the person you intend to speak with.
  • Keep a record of your phone conversations so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your call strategy, the value points you address in each conversation, and the general attitude of the prospect.
  • Preparation is key before you hang up the phone and prepare for your next contact, which should be in person.


LinkedIn is one of the powerful outbound ways of lead generation. Since your marketing requires the help of social media, LinkedIn may prove the best platform. Most professions utilize LinkedIn to gather information, interact with peers, and get leads. You can use LinkedIn by joining groups to increase leads, engage with people of similar interests, publish unique content, and promote your posts to other social media handles. A report confirms that nearly about 80% of leads come from LinkedIn. 

Final words

It’s not a straight path. Be prepared for things to go awry because they seldom do. Outbound lead creation requires persistence until enough quality leads are generated. However, you can also reach out to Pearl Lemon, a London-based lead generation agency. They use various strategies to provide high-quality leads and generate organic traffic to your business.

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