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African Honeymoon Safaris: The Safety Guide

Are you planning a honeymoon? Are you fond of adventures and love wildlife? Then you should opt for Africa. It is the most beautiful and interesting to witness, but wait! Have you ever thought about the safety of African safaris? Are they really safe? 

An African safari is a great honeymoon idea if you love adventure and wildlife, but at the same time, you need to be very careful. You may have read about elephants and lions getting up-close with open jeeps on a Tanzanian safari. Not only Tanzania but Botswana and Namibia also have these beautiful scenarios of elephants and lions. 

You may also have heard about the gorillas in  Rwanda and Uganda. How awe-inspiring would it be to watch gorillas from just a few meters away? Are you fond of adventurous and thrilling tracking? Then, a Kenya safari can be an excellent choice for you. Don’t these things sound so interesting and exciting? 

Despite all these excitement and joyful scenarios, there are also some horror and dangerous scenarios experienced by the people. The wild animals you see on a safari are not trained and controlled as the animals in zoos. In the worst scenarios, they can even attack you—in some cases, animals, especially Hippos and Lions, attack people. But luckily, the ratio of bad experiences in relation to good experiences is very low.

Your Tanzania honeymoon will be full of happiness if you take some safety precautions. Otherwise, there will be a higher risk for you to be on safaris. 

Must-Know Safari Safety Tips

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Before packing for your Tanzania honeymoon safari, you must know some helpful safari safety tips. These tips will help you keep safe and make your adventurous honeymoon a memorable event.

There are various ways you can experience a Tanzania safari. The most popular of them are walking around the forests or taking an open jeep ride. In both cases, you need to be very careful. Let’s discover the safety tips. 

  1. Never Ignore Your Tour Guide

The first safety tip is to always listen to your tour guide. But make sure to hire a tour guide who is well-experienced in safaris and animal behavior. Moreover, the tour guide should be approved and licensed by the government. This would be best for your safety. 

Tour guides often carry guns to avoid any dangerous situation during your Tanzania safari. But the usage of weapons is rarely needed. Therefore, you don’t need to take weapons with you for the safari. 

So try always to follow the instructions of your tour guide for your safety. This will make your honeymoon safari experience safe and beautiful. 

  1. Never Try to Disturb the Animals

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During Tanzania safari, wildlife animals you witness are not pet animals, so never try to disturb or touch them. Even If you find them cute or friendly, never try to get close to them. Also, ensure not to wave at animals as it might spook them. 

Waving and calling the animals might result in either of the two situations:

  • They might run away, ruining everyone’s sighting experience
  • They may attack you, risking everyone’s life

Both are scenarios you might not want to experience. So, never disturb the animals while having a Tanzania honeymoon safari.  

Another safety tip is about feeding and touching the animals. Again, they are not your pets, so never try to touch them or feed them. They can attack you if they feel threatened.

  1. Try Not to Make Any Noise

Animals can be scared easily. So, maintaining silence while sighting the wildlife during a Tanzania safari is important. This will keep animals comfortable, and you can easily see the beautiful scenarios. 

They might run or attack you if they register any noise that disturbs them. As far as vehicle noise is concerned, the animals are now used to it. But any other noise like human noise can disturb them. 

You will enjoy your Tanzania honeymoon safari by sitting quietly at the back of the open jeep and witnessing the beautiful scenes with your better half. 

  1. Say No to Food and Drink

This might surprise you, but yes, no food items and drinks are allowed while you are on wildlife sightings on a Tanzania safari. You can only bring water with you. Don’t be upset; it is also for your safety. The animals have a great sense of smell and can sense any food or drink items, which can attract them to you. This might in turn put you at risk. 

If you have any medical reasons and need to eat or drink, always inform your tour guide before keeping anything with you. Moreover, also try to avoid using noisy packaging. 

  1. No Smoking in Safari

Even if you are prone to smoking, you are not allowed to smoke while on your Tanzania safari. This is for the safety of the environment and the African forests. In addition to polluting the environment, smoking can also cause fire hazards in the bushes of Africa. 

Considering the environment, there is one more thing to say no to. Littering. You should not leave any traces behind you. Always dispose of the trash in dustbins and keep the environment safe and clean. 

Must-Know Tips for Your Safari Camps

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You might love to experience the beautiful sight of stars lying under the open sky outside your camp. Or, you might want to have the camp designed to allow you to watch the stars from inside. Well, in both cases, you need to know some safety tips for camping on a Tanzania honeymoon safari.

You can find various safe lodges and camps on a Tanzania honeymoon safari. These camps are safe and sometimes guarded, too. But anyhow, you need to be careful and take all the safety measures. 

Let’s dig into the article to discover safety tips for camping on safaris.

  1. Don’t Go for a Walk at Night.

As a newlywed couple, we understand you might want to go for a walk with your partner. But never try to fulfill your desire to go for a walk at night on a Tanzania safari. This is because many animals come out at night. They might attack you in the dark, and your romantic walk might turn into a disaster.

So never go for a walk in the dark. This will help you stay safe and secure. 

  1. Do Not Swim in Rivers or Lakes

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Africa is a hot region, so you might want to dive into the rivers and lakes for a refreshing dip. But another red flag here! These rivers might be filled with crocodiles and hippos. These are considered some of the most dangerous animals found in Africa. 

So never try to dive into the rivers or lakes. 

We hope you found this safety guide helpful and informative. We wish you a memorable and safe honeymoon safari in Tanzania, Africa. 



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