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AA Meeting in Florida-Should You Choose an Open or Closed Meeting?

Finding an “AA meeting near me” in Florida doesn’t have to be difficult. Alcoholics Anonymous organizes meetings on a regular basis in every state. So, you will definitely find one close to your home.

AA meetings provide recovering alcoholics with a friendly and supportive forum where they can discuss their problems and seek help. With support from past addicts who have successfully battled alcoholism, you can stick to your sobriety goals.

How to choose between open and closed AA meetings:

Once you have identified an AA meeting in Florida, find out if it’s an “open” or “closed” meeting. You will know which type it is when you look at the published schedules. 

The “open” meetings, as the name suggests, are meant for everyone but “closed” meetings are only reserved for AA members in Florida. So, if you wish to attend a closed meeting, make sure you are an AA member.

Open meetings are for the general public, even those outside the AA. This may include general observers, non-alcoholics, those thinking of joining the AA, and members’ families and friends. 

People who want help overcoming their drinking problem attend these meetings accompanied by spouses or friends. You can get information about the AA’s recovery programs and understand the best ways to address this disorder. Open meetings can be discussion meetings or speaker meetings. 

In speaker meetings, members share stories about their experience with alcohol addiction; how they discovered AA, and how it changed their life. These are primarily for understanding how AA members started their journey on the path to sobriety. And both non-alcoholics and alcoholics can benefit from these sessions.

In discussion meetings, a lead member shares his personal story. This is followed by discussions on a topic that anyone in the audience picks out. This could relate to how a member’s journey with AA began, how the organization helps addicts, and how a non-member can contribute.

In closed AA meetings, you will only find existing or prospective members. This is more effective because you realize that you are not in this fight by yourself. You have people to help you through your journey.

You meet people who have had similar experiences like yours and you see the benefits of sticking to the 12 traditions of AA.

Here also, meetings can be of two main types; discussion meetings and step meetings.

Discussion meetings are similar to both open and closed AA meetings. These are conducted by members who share their individual experiences with alcohol abuse. Then the discussion is opened to the entire group. You find a support system with people like you; people who have undergone similar challenges and hardships. While you will be encouraged to participate in these meetings, there is no obligation.

Step meetings can discuss any step in the 12 Steps of AA. There are lessons for each step and these steps continue to be an ongoing lesson for anyone with a substance abuse problem. When you go through these steps, you are in a position to help others like you.

Both closed and open local AA meetings will help you but you need to decide which you prefer. Open meetings are perfect when you already have a strong support system of friends and family. Closed meetings are for those new to Alcoholics Anonymous, who lack support, and are keen to share their experiences with others.

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