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8 Best Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe In This Summer Season

Summer is fun for the pet owner and the pets as well. You can take your pet outdoors and play as much as you want. You can take them out for a walk. You can go to the beach or go to summer camps with your pet.

But as fun, as it may be, summer also means that you need to be extra cautious about your dear four-legged friend. They may catch some harmful bacteria, injure themselves outside, or may fall sick due to the changing climate.

So, it is good to take medical precautions for your pet during the summer. You can follow the article below if you want to avoid summer problems like skin infection, sweating, and other similar summer health problems.

8 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe

We have given you tips for your pet’s summer care and natural flea & tick remedies for your pets.

1. Water And Shade

Summer means excessive heat and running around under the heating weather. After you and your dog play around outside, he too will feel thirsty from the extreme heat of the sun. Once. Your pet will show signs of being thirsty by drooling excessively. They may also have dry gums.

So, the first thing to do is to offer them water. Ensure that your dog has access to clean water inside and outside the house. When going out on a car drive, you need to carry excess water. You can also give them some fluid instead of regular dog foods. Make sure not to keep them under excessive heat. Keep them under a shade at home, even outside.

2. Watch Out For Symptoms

As a responsible pet owner, you need to be aware of the several health symptoms of your pet. If they have spent a lot of time outside under the sun, make sure to examine them for some health symptoms that may not be good for them. Here are some of the symptoms you need to look out for if your pet was exposed to overheating-

  • panting heavily.
  • The gums may be dry or bright red.
  • Drool may be thicker than usual.
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Their legs may be wobbly. 

3. Apply Sunscreen 

Before you laugh it off, you should know that, like humans, pets also get sunburn. Some dogs and cats have small hair coats. They feel bothered if exposed to the sun for too long. They also get sunburn. 

If you are going out on the beach with your little furry partner, or you are spending a day outside under the sun for 4 to 5 hours, you need to apply sunscreen on your pet’s skin. Sunscreens are made especially for pets available now; you can get them from the supermarket or order online. You can also check the use of CBD oil for dogs. We all know that It’s helps to keep dogs healthy.

4. Don’t Leave Them Alone In The Car

Many people think that leaving the pet in the car for a few minutes won’t be a problem. However, as a caring pet owner, you must not leave them inside the car for a long time. When your pet is inside the car, and the vehicle is standing under the scorching heat, your pet will suffocate.

Cars get unbearably hot when in the parking lot for too long. So, if you lock the dog inside even for ten minutes, it will die of overheating and suffocation. It is dangerous for them, but it is also illegal for the owners to leave their pets inside the car for too long. So you can either leave them at home or bring them with you wherever you go.

5. Say No To Shaving 

You may think of shaving your pet’s hair as a way to keep them from overheating. But it is not true. The fur or your pet’s fur is for balancing the heat and the cold to keep their body temperature at a healthy level.

Shaving the hair off your pet’s skin will only make them vulnerable to overheating. Your pets have a higher chance of getting sunburnt once you shave off your pet’s hair. So, It would help if you said no to the idea of shaving your pet’s hair. You can trim the hair for comfort, but it is the best choice not to shave off their full-body hair.

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6. Bathing 

Another summer care milestone is bathing your pet every once in a while. There is no need to worry about him getting cold when it is summer. Bathing will help your dog stay clean and free from any germs and bacteria.

You can take your dog to the beach, pool, or even the ocean. Let them play around in the water. But never leave them out of sight when near water. It is wise to make them wear a life vest. 

Bathing will keep your pet’s skin cool and hydrated. Also, use some shampoo to clean off dandruff. So, give your pet the bathing session they deserve in the scorching summer heat.

7. Walk The Dog

If your pet friend is a dog, you need to regularly take them for a walk. Dogs need walking sessions to loosen up their limbs. They want to run around the park or chase little birds when they get the chance to. So you should keep their walking session in their daily routine.

It is best to take your dog out in the morning. You can also go on an evening stroll. But never should ever walk the dog in the middle of the day. It is as harmful to them as it is to you. Summer days are hot, so make sure to take your time in the morning or the evening. 

8. Keep The Parasites Away

In the summer, you will find mosquitoes, fleas, and insects in all the places. The parasites and germs like heartworms and tapeworms they carry are hazardous for your pet. You need to go to your vet and ask him to prescribe natural flea & tick remedies for your pets. These meds should keep the parasites away from your four legend friends.

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Summer or no summer, taking care of your pet is not easy. But if you love them enough, you can do all the caring they need by yourself. So, you will need the proper guide I have given you in this article. These eight tips should help you keep your pet healthy in the summer. Then, you can share your summer experience with your pets in the comment below.

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