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5 Must-have Sales Skills for Running a Successful Repair Business

Everybody is participating in sales, either one way or another. It all comes down to sales in the end because closing deals is what generates the revenue. And who closes the deals? A salesperson!

A salesperson is an absolute precious asset for any organization. With the right set of skills, they can seal massive deals for business.

When it comes to the repair shop, it’s the service you sell along with the product. Using exceptional sales skills you can sway your customer’s hearts.

These skills include a combination of hard and soft skills i-e technical knowledge and personality traits. A salesperson should know in detail what his repair business provides, and which computer repair shop software he uses to manage the business.

Sales processes however change with time. They are not the same as they were decades ago, but the basic sales skills remain the same.

If you are a technician cum salesman, these are a few vital skills to start with. Both you and your sales rep will need to master the following to rule the customer’s heart and make deals smoothly.

Product Knowledge

The first and foremost thing is that every stakeholder should be adept at the product knowledge of the business. Especially individuals involved in the sales should have an absolute image and idea of their product. You are the representative of your business then how come you don’t know fully about it. Customers will catch you off guard immediately. The customer will sense your lack of knowledge and it will throw him off instantly. He will feel like there is something wrong with the product. If a business representative is hesitating to explain it fully then how can he trust and invest in it.

In a repair business, it’s all the game of trust of customers because they are entrusting you with their precious device. You should have knowledge beyond them since you are the tech guy or representative of your computer repair masters. Make your customers believe that your business can do their job and that you are using the best technology like a repair shop POS software to manage it all. You have all the data and knowledge that it takes to be the best in your field to repair customers’ devices flawlessly. This can only be done if and only if you have a strong grip on the product and services your business is offering. Only then your confidence will strengthen and your words would matter to your customers.

Communication Skills

Having super communication skills is imperative for successful sales. Some customers might come in and start inquiring about the repair process, for instance, he can ask how much is the estimated time for his computer repair and day-to-day information on it. You, being the expert in your field will check his status in the computer repair shop software and will let him know the required information. You will also tell him all the details and diagnostics of his device. Not only this you will walk him through the procedure on how his device is fixed efficiently.

Plus, he is seeing all the details on the customer-facing display point of sales software and is impressed by your communication skills thoroughly. Customers will feel a sense of satisfaction that their device is in the right hand because the salesman is extremely meticulous regarding its repair and will happily pay even a dollar more for it.

Moreover, your communication skills engage a customer to a deeper level, increase his interest level, and build a trustworthy relationship, which results in customer loyalty and he will prefer to buy accessories too from your shop.

So, an effective communication style with the scoops of confidence is the perfect recipe for successful sales skills. It ultimately leads to skyrocketing sales.

Empathize with Customers

A customer comes into your repair shop with a broken computer frantically trying to find a solution. What will be your first step? You will calm him down indeed. The next step would be asking him what happened and listening to his issue. Is it? That is called empathizing.

A simple thing but a key sales skill without which your repair business would suffer. It is noticed commonly, while selling to the customers, sales guys tend to talk and babble without listening to the real issue. They keep on boasting about their business and claim that they are masters of repairs who use the best computer repair shop software and can do their repairs in no time. This is where they mess up and over-promise the customers which they fail to fulfill resulting in their business and reputation loss.

So here’s a thing, you might have the best point of sales software and excellent tools but without the right attitude, you cannot win customers and sales. For that simply listen to the customer, pay attention to the details, and know exactly what they want and what can help them with their computer repair. Because sometimes customers themselves don’t know what they want, you can help them out by being empathetic. This way your customers will feel valued and comfortably come to you every time they have a repair job to be done.

Benefits Before the Price

It’s a tricky trait but it will work tenfold for you if you do it right and it’s as simple as cutting a cucumber, not like Kendal Jenner of course.

90% of customers take interest in the price, regardless of how bad the condition of their broken device is. They will know the price and without knowing the damages and details they will abruptly quit. So the trick is to tell the benefits before the pricing.

Talk to your customer patiently, discuss the details and make him aware of the damage to the device. Also, tell him how repairing certain damages can benefit his device in the long run ad save money in the future. And after taking him into confidence, you tell him the price of the repair. By that time the customer would’ve been pacified. He will have mapped the benefits against the cost and will happily pay for the repair.

Post Sales Relationship

Sales after sales! That’s the only practical slogan of every business including repair ones. You can achieve a successful sales cycle only if you keep all your customers in a loop. This is called a post-sales relationship which is the secret ingredient for the sales mania. Keep your customers indulged in your products by sending them emails, and gift cards and adding them to loyalty programs. This sales skill can lead to a healthy customer relationship and maximum referrals.

In short, sales skills are basically daily life attributes like listening, talking, and conveying. If practiced in the right way consistently can give you patience, resilience, and humility. With these attributes on your side, you can win the world, running a repair business successfully is just the beginning.

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