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4 strategies to generate a quick ROI through a faster S/4HANA implementation

S/4HANA is the latest ERP module that powers digital transformation. Thus, industries that are willing to enjoy the potential benefits can implement the ERP solution. However, when it is about switching to the latest ERP module, it can be pretty challenging. Thus, careful planning, robust business case and complete execution are a must for proper implementation. It can eliminate risk and generate more eyes and engagement.

The prime concern of any organization when they are undertaking S/4HANA is the ability to improve ROI. Thus, companies that wish to incorporate this ERP need to create a good approach. Since S/4HANA has become imperative for companies, proper implementation can have improved benefits in your business process.

So, here we will find out the prime aspect that ensures successful S/4HANA implementation.

Fit to business approach:

S/4HANA cloud model has included significant features and functionalities. Thus, it enables you to get a fit-to-standard approach. Compared to the previous ERP solution, SAP S/4HANA offers an agile delivery model. When businesses remain close to their standard solution, it needs less customization and ensures improved ROI and fast implementation.

However, most customers would need customization; otherwise, it becomes challenging to follow the best practice. With the best implementation partner, you can choose Cogniscient. Moreover, such changes are generally created depending on the brand’s criticality and value. It also makes an agile business process by ensuring simplicity in every aspect.

Leverage the pre-confined solutions:

When you leverage a pre-confined solution, it can be highly advantageous for a quick implementation. Instead of choosing to start from scratch, a prebuilt solution can help in offering an improved project experience. Thus, you can get help in some of the most common processes like business processes, documentation and relevant tools, which saves a lot of time.

With the best implementation partner having massive expertise in SAP implementation, businesses can actually enjoy a large number of benefits. Irrespective of the business belonging to consumer goods, fashion or retail, S/4HANA can be highly effective. Besides, prebuilt workshop materials can help to find the areas that require change. Therefore, it is highly effective in cutting down on testing and custom development.

It is a proven methodology:

To quicken the implementation process, a proven methodology in the Realize phase is critical. The agile method would implement functionality in iterative cycles. Thus, with the proper cross-team collaboration and hands-on involvement, it can generate better results. Delivering frequent small increments can be highly effective in easy adaptation to changing business.

 Quality Engineering and Change management:

If the change management issues are most proactively addressed, it can result in a failure. Thus, you have to pay attention to the focused change management in the early life of the project to improve participation and engagement. Therefore, it can result in increasing adoption and excitement, which will alternatively increase ROI faster.

So, these are the basic strategies that you have to implement for a faster and more successful S/4HANA implementation. If you are looking for a leading partner, then Cogniscient can be an excellent choice for a better and speedier S/4HANA implementation.

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