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WPX Hosting Coupon Code: Exclusive 50% OFF Discount

WPX Hosting is one hosting company that has single-handedly transformed the hosting industry thanks to its unparalleled levels of performance and customer care.

How to Activate WPX Hosting Coupon Code?

Here’s how to activate your WPX hosting voucher step by step:

  • Visit through our special partner link (make sure to use incognito window to get benefits)
  • On the navigation bar, click the “start now” option.
  • Select a plan that meets your requirements (from the business, professional & elite plan)
  • After clicking the “get started” buttons, you’ll be given the choice of choosing between Host in the United States and Host in the United Kingdom.
  • Choose one based on where your main traffic will come from; if you’re not sure, go with “US server.”
  • On the next page, type in your website’s URL and click Continue.
  • To receive a discount, enter the coupon code “DigitalGYD” on the following screen and click continue.
  • Your discount will be applied on the following page; all you have to do now is fill in your billing information.
  • Checkout
  • Congratulations! You’ve just saved 50% on WPX hosting.

Why You Should Choose WPX Hosting? 8 Reasons Why It Beats the Rest

If you are having trouble deciding whether or not to get WPX hosting, here are eight reasons why it is superior to the majority of other hosting options available in its area.

These are the precise reasons why each of our websites runs on hosting provided by WPX. You may learn much more by reading my whole evaluation of WPX Hosting, which can be found here (it includes advanced tests I ran to test their performance). In addition, don’t forget to have a look at the discount we have on WPX for Black Friday!

#1. Offers Managed WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting is typically preferred by the vast majority of people who are considering creating a self-hosted WordPress blog due to the fact that it offers more affordable pricing choices.

There are a lot of hosting businesses that say they offer limitless bandwidth, storage, and other features at extremely low pricing ($3 per month type), but that’s the biggest con: they aren’t as fast as they say they are, and they don’t supply unlimited of everything as they say they do.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, managed hosting refers to a service in which a dedicated team takes care of all aspects of your hosting account, including performing backups, installing WordPress or cache plugins, optimising your website for speed, removing malware, and anything else that may arise, so that you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

Not only that, but WPX hosting also offers you the following benefits:

  • ​24/7/365 Customer service via live chat is quite quick.
  • Site migrations are free of charge.
  • There will be no service or product upsells.
  • Custom backups taken on your request (you only have to message them and they’ll do it for you for free).
  • 99.95% accuracy Guaranteed uptime
  • There are no hidden fees (unlike most hosting companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost)
  • Huge WPX hosting discounts are available on annual hosting plans.
  • Plus, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee!

#2. Daily Backups and Free Website Migration

Did you realise that there are very few hosting businesses that offer hosting plans at such low prices?

It’s because they want to sell you more expensive items. They will charge you for everything, including the migration of your site, backing up your website files, and restoring them. Regarding the upsell matter, I’ve had a negative experience with Hostgator in the past. Because of this, I will never suggest them to any of my readers.

In contrast, managed WordPress hosting providers such as WPX hosting give all of these key features at no additional cost to their customers. Your website will receive free daily backups in addition to free migration, so let’s speak about what else you’ll get right now.

Daily Automated Backups

Every single day, WPX hosting will backup all of the files associated with your website to one of their other providers. You may easily and without expense recover any of your key files, such as blog posts, sales pages, and other documents, in the event that you delete or lose any of these items.

Using the WPX hosting restore points, which you can access from within your hosting account, you are also able to create manual backups whenever you wish.

In the event that you have any questions or require any assistance while creating backups or retrieving lost data from the “Backup” area of their hosting platform, you can easily get in touch with their live customer support chat in order to get your difficulties resolved.

Free Website Migration

Moving a website, together with all of the files, blog posts, photographs, and databases, etc., from one hosting service to another hosting service of the blogger’s choice can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks. Changing hosts can be a real nuisance if you lack experience with technology.

In light of this, I would like to point you that WPX hosting will handle the migration of your website at no additional cost to you (while other hosting services charge hefty amounts for site migration alone). The best thing is that even with their most basic hosting package, you can transfer up to 5 websites to their hosting servers without paying any additional fees.

If you have four websites that need to be migrated to WPX hosting, the process will take a maximum of four days and will take a typical duration of twenty-four hours per website. This is what it reveals according to the regulations, although it goes much more quickly than this.

However, you will be subject to additional fees if you decide to change your domain name (for example, from to or if you make any modifications to your websites before the migration is finished.

Therefore, as soon as you’ve made the decision to migrate your site, contact their support team (s).

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