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Wix Vs WordPress.com: Which Is Better For Small Businesses?

WordPress vs Wix which is better
WordPress vs Wix

Our independent reviews and recommendations are funded in part by affiliate commissions, at no extra cost to our readers.Overall Score Based on our in-depth research and user testingBest all-round website builder for small businessesWhen you compare Wix vs WordPress.Com, Wix clearly comes out on top for most small businesses.After all, there’s a reason Wix is our number one overall web builder for small businesses – this platform makes it easy to create a great-looking, feature-packed website for your business.As for WordPress.Com, it feels a bit like it has not really moved with the times. It’s still a great way to quickly start blogging but, when it comes to business use, there’s a steep learning curve and it can be a very tricky web builder to use. However, with enough effort and know-how, the extensive customisation options (with plug-ins) do allow you to create a website finely tailored to the needs of your business.When it comes to pricing, Wix and WordPress.Com are pretty similar. Wix’s affordable pricing plans start from £6.50 and go up to £22 per month for a high-octane ecommerce package. WordPress.Com starts at a much lower £3 per month but, again, you’ll pay £20 a month for a powerful plan that grants you access to those all-important plugins.Read on to learn more about how these two compare in terms of value, website features, design functionality and ease of use:Wix vs WordPress.Com: Head-to-HeadIn short, Wix is a great fit for businesses that want a quick, easy and intuitive way to build a website, while WordPress.Com is much trickier to get the hang of, and is therefore best for those with more technical knowledge who want to fine tune almost every element of their online presence.Wix really stands out when it comes to design – there’s a frankly staggering number (over 800) of templates, along with some of the most intuitive website tools you’ll find anywhere. WordPress.Com has a comparatively clunky interface that can hinder things but, if you dive into the range of plugins on offer, then you can really create something that reflects your business.Wix for small businesses Wix (web builder) Number one website builder for price, features and usability.Price from £6.50 per monthFlexible pricing plansGood balance of easy usability and complex featuresCustomisable, ‘drag-and-drop’ templatesSummary Wix is the most popular website builder in the UK. The platform has undoubtedly earned these accolades, with an unparalleled list of features and wide-ranging payment options for every budget. Whether you’re new to website building, or a seasoned expert looking for endless customisability, Wix is an excellent choice. Its pricing is also practical for small businesses, with the Unlimited plan particularly good value at just £9.50 per month. Show morelessWix is a superb web builder that’s affordable (prices range from £6.50 to £22 per month depending on the features you need), packed with features, and comes with 24/7 support.All this helps explain why it’s our top-rated web builder for small businesses but the crucial point is this – Wix makes creating your website really really easy. Everything, from choosing a template to using the drag-and-drop tools to move things around and add extra features, just works and very quickly becomes second nature.

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