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Why you should switch to electronic signatures: 8 reasons

Over 70% of businesses have shifted to online documentation to manage their business tasks. Investing deeply in smart tools like SharePoint helps to grab great advantages for the business using digitization.

The digital platform is the core of business processes, decisions, and transactions. It is inevitable to handle documents for every action related to the business. 

Be it HR documents, contracts, financial documents, technical specifications, policies, or more that need user approval. Some cases want a legally binding signature pad column to make the documents effective. This will amplify the requirement of authentication and capture its intent. 

What is an e-signature?

Traditional means of getting a signature were mail, email, or fax, which consumed a lot of paper, money, and time. The entire process was difficult to organize, access, and manage. 

An electronic signature is a digital format dedicated to working on digital platforms. All you need is a trusted e-signature pad that helps to share the documents with anyone through a smartphone or other devices. Your e-signature can now also be used for secure free fax solutions to share documents easily.

The levels of electronic signature are:

  • Basic: There are no requirements of resemblance with handwritten signatures. They are cost-effective and easier to use but have a higher chance of fraud. 
  • Advanced: This is the ideal choice of online signature in most cases. They expect the identity of the signer to be unique. Also, it has encryption to protect from any updates in the future. 
  • Qualified: It needs a specific technology, and the signer should provide their identity to the service provider. It is costly and specially applied to risky and high-value agreements. 

This also lets the recipient draw or type their signature to accept the terms and revert back in just a few seconds. Electronic signatures have simplified the process without sacrificing security. 

The Signature Pad Column in the Microsoft 365 app helps empower the business using its great features inserted in the modern SharePoint list forms. Users have the freedom to insert this column in their documents and approve the data. 

What are the benefits of electronic signature in SharePoint?

  1. Highly reliable 

The signature pad to collect e-sign is made using smart tools that are reliable in terms of security. They offer integrity and indisputability of the information after getting it signed. Users get the information like the signed user, permissions for modifications, and claim the documentation terms. 

  1. Environment Friendly

Electronically signed documents are processed on digital platforms. There is no requirement to print the copy and waste any physical storage. Multiple electronic workspace solutions ensure that the records are kept safely for a long interval and reduce paper usage to make it environment-friendly. 

  1. Great Accuracy 

Documents are exchanged in organizations to bind the users under certain rules and regulations legally. It is important to compile, collect, and sign as per the business requirements. They must be accurate to ensure there are no consequences later. This is the reason the electronic signature is known as your digital fingertips. 

  1. Increase Security 

Some reasons that make this process highly secure are:

  • They are legally enforceable and complex to forge, making them highly protected from the handwritten signatures 
  • Electronic signatures have a digital audit trail made from signing documents, emails, and contracts to make it easier to verify. 
  • The SharePoint signature pad helps in detecting minor adjustments and alterations. This ensures to know if your sign has been tempered. 
  • Physical documents have higher chances of getting stolen or lost and risks of getting damaged which is avoided in electronic signature
  • Without the right permissions, no third parties can access the electronic documents to ensure only reliable people can access them. 
  • Electronically signed documents have information like the signer’s identity, time, and location
  1. Higher Efficiency 

Collection of an offline signature offline is a complex and time-consuming process where you need to print, sign, deliver, store, witness, and copy. Avoid all this by capturing an electronic signature with just a click of a button and reducing the stress on both ends. 

  1. No boundaries of time and location

An electronic signature can be done anywhere and anytime, and there are no boundaries. We have seen a spike in removal work, and it is important to have a solution to manage signatures remotely instead of requiring a physical presence every time. 

Location independence is highly useful when multiple users must sign a single document. This solution lets the signatories sign the document whenever it is feasible, and from the comfort of the location, there is no need to arrange a meeting.  

  1. Several Solutions

If you explore SharePoint, you get to know that there are great technological innovations to make the collection of electronic signatures effortless. KWizCom forms require the addition of a signature pad column to gather e-sign from the users. 

It gives you a better, faster, and easier method to get signatures on the documents. Various software can be integrated with the business tools to meet the requirements seamlessly. 

  1. Quick Decisions 

Enforcing actions in an organization is not a piece of cake. Various documents need to be signed and approved by multiple stakeholders. Also, more time-consuming signing leads to delays in processing, which means taking a while to make the final decisions. This increases the chance of losing momentum in workflow over time. 

So, an electronic signature is the only solution to reduce the gap between execution and decision. It ensures quick signing of the important documents and approvals with just a click, ensuring you can make decisions as soon as possible

The Final Take!

We have covered much to help you add a Signature Pad column in your digital documents and increase the business’s productivity. It is believed to be a significant improvement in technology and takes an important step to provide comfort in collecting signatures on crucial documents. 



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