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Why use an alcohol based sanitizer?

When it comes to hand washing, the benefits of the best alcohol based hand sanitizer in India can be overwhelming. Alcohol is 

known for its antibacterial properties, which aid in giving your hands a clean wash. It also aids in moisturizing and softening your skin thanks to its emollient properties. Ethanol has also been shown effective at killing bacteria, fungus, and viruses — with some strains being even able to survive up to three minutes after touching alcohol!

How does hand sanitizer work?

Best alcohol based Hand sanitizers rely on alcohols such as ethanol (a type of ethyl alcohol, which is also found in alcoholic beverages) or methanol (which is an organic compound with the formula CH3OH) being combined with a mixture of agents that help to kill harmful bacteria. This mixture includes a variety of chemical compounds including other types of alcohols like isopropanol and benzalkonium chloride.

So how is alcohol used as a germ killer? Alcohol is a proven germ killer in its own right, and it also has several added benefits. First, alcohol kills microbes that live on or inside your skin. Second, it kills microbes that have been on or in your skin. And third, it also kills microbes that make their way into your environment (like the air or ground) and are carried by airborne particles.

Why does this alcohol mixture what works so well to kill germs? 

Alcohol mixes with water to form a chemical called an acetate. When this acetate mixes with water, it creates a chemical compound called ethanol, which is about 20% more effective at killing germs than pure water. The presence of other chemicals in the hand sanitizer further makes ethanol more effective at killing bacteria because these chemicals help to break down these smaller molecules into smaller ones that are less effective at destroying germs.


As the FDA recognized this time last year, these benefits make ethyl alcohol an ideal choice for hand sanitizers. In order to curb the spread of germs between patients, healthcare professionals often require their patients to use hand sanitizers. In fact, four out of five hand sanitizers are marketed to healthcare professionals. Due to this high demand, many brands market their products specifically to the healthcare industry. However, there are many other uses for alcohol in the personal care industry.


Alcohol is a great solvent for removing other ingredients from your skin and hair — like waxes and oils — although it will usually leave remnants behind (such as silicones). You can even use alcohol as a way of cleansing your hair, especially if you have oily hair or strands; this will help prevent buildup and will leave you with cleaner looking locks.

The other great benefit of using alcohol as a solvent is that it can work to break down the 

fats and oils that build up on your skin and hair over time, leaving you with a healthier looking complexion.


Studies have shown that ethanol is absorbed into the skin easily. It also helps cleanse your pores. A study in Japan found that application of 50% ethanol helped remove dirt particles, as well as reduce oily secretions. Another study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science showed that alcohol is not just effective at cleaning pores, but can also help keep them clear thanks to its antibacterial properties.

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