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Why Take the Masculine Feminine Energy Quiz?

Biologically a man is considered to be manly, mannish, or macho, while a woman is regarded as female, ladylike, or feminine. It is primarily because of the culture and upbringing that boys are taught not to cry and girls are encouraged to play with dolls. If the boy cries he is possibly labeled as a sissy and a girl playing noisy or rough games is called Tomboy. 

Gender expectations differ because of the physical body they are assigned to and conditioned socially, familial, and culturally. Gender expressions even include the masculine and feminine energy, which both genders have. It means men have a female side and vice versa. 

Society labeled people as male or female without considering the gender expression fact that everyone has masculine and feminine energies in their core character. Energy plays a huge role in a healthy love relationship. You need to understand the energetic relationship dynamics to work and balance both energies for healthy bonding. 

By default, the majority of men and women get stuck in stereotypical gender expressions. They get stuck in a negative pothole. If you are a victim then to understand why you feel unhappy, lonely with your career, or unsatisfied visit Tantric Academy online and participate in the masculine and feminine energy quiz. Take the test and discover how energies work and solutions to balance them.

Why take the masculine-feminine test?

In this modern era, people wind up thinning their energies. For any kind of relationship to succeed as well as for personal development and satisfaction, couples need to be connected with their less prominent energies. It means there has to be a balance in both energies just like the magnet poles. 

  • If the energies are totally on the opposite side of the magnetic pole then the result can be either extremely masculine or extremely feminine. You have high chemistry, sexual attraction, and fiery passion but no meaningful and deep communication or dialogue. 
  • If the energies are closer to the magnetic pole center, then you have a good stable relationship along with an expressive and intense relationship.
  • If the energies fall on the magnetic poles’ same side, then imbalance occurs. When both partners demonstrate masculine energies then there is a consistent struggle for power because both wish to have things go their way. When both partners demonstrate female energies then the relationship gets boring and stagnant because no one is at ease making decisions. 

The masculine-feminine quiz helps to identify the predominant energy you have. It can help to improve your relationship, which indicates ‘BALANCE’. When men and women identify their dominant energies and respect the core energy of their partner then there is a balance – Sometimes the female leads, the male follows, and vice versa. It is like perfectly fitting two puzzle pieces into one another.

Both masculine and feminine energies are important but need to be balanced for maintaining a healthy relationship. According to the situation, you need to realize how much feminine or masculine energy to apply. The secret is ‘BALANCE’!



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