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Why Safety Signage is Important in Reopening of School?

We are already in the COVID-19 unlocking phase and safely school opening has become a serious concern for educators, parents and government officials. While safety training and education are crucial before opening but schools still need to focus more on giving COVID-19 prevention training and in-person practices. COVID signage for elementary schools is ideal for this task as the safety signage can draw attention and deliver safety information efficiently.

Now, it’s time to know about the importance of covid signage for elementary schools

Having COVID-19 posters for schools is essential for safety. As most schools are reopening, keeping teachers, students and the school staff informed about the safety and maintaining social distancing is crucial. Social distancing posters and graphics are the best way to display safety information about the right measures of preventing the spread of coronavirus. Whether you want to promote the frequent usage of hand sanitizer, remind students about wearing masks, or showcase the right social distancing methods, COVID-19 safety graphics can do all these things efficiently.

Here are some of the popular types of COVID-19 signage for schools:

1. Desk Dividers:

Maintaining the proper social distancing norms is important and you may want to add desk dividers in your schools to stop of spread of germs. Desk dividers are mainly made of acrylic. You can use desk dividers around student desks, cafeteria, faculty room, etc.

2.  Restroom and Hand Sanitizer Signs:

With the recent guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention focusing more on mainaining the proper handwashing measures, you may want to include signs and graphics in your school’s washroom that explains the right handwash technique. You can place the handwashing signs near the bathroom and mirrors so that almost everyone can see the instructions.

3. Vinyl Banners:

When it comes to grabbing students’ attention, it’s always a good idea to use vinyl banners. Vinyl is a weather-resistant material so you can use place vinyl banners outdoor over the school entrance so that they can easily grab students’ attention. Since vinyl banners are eye-catching, they can efficiently deliver safety information. You can also use school graphics on these banners to raise the school spirit.

4. Entrance Banner Stands:

Banner stands are perfect for placing in front of the classrooms and school entrance. Since banner stands come with a lightweight package, you can easily move them around and place them in locations as required.

5. Social Distancing Signages:

Social Distancing Signs

Any school that is reopening now is more concerned about reminding students about maintaining social distancing from each other. Social distancing signage reminds students to stay 6 ft apart from each other. Such banners come with a visual representation of how they should be standing.

Customizable floor decals are also one of the popular forms of displaying social distancing norms. You can use the floor decals in the places like a cafeteria where students wait for their food.

You can also use floor decals on the staircase and hallway to promote social distancing norms.

6. Parking Place Signages:

A lot of students, parents, teachers and staff come to school by driving. If you want to keep people informed about their parking space, using parking signage will be the right idea for you.

Why Choose ARC for your COVID-19 signage for elementary schools:

As North America’s largest printing company, ARC Document Solutions has all the expertise to provide you with the best quality posters for social distancing and school safety signage to keep students, teachers and office staff informed about the preventive measures of maintaining COVID-19 spread.

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