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The area of ​​health insurance is regulated by the Law on Health Insurance, the Law on Health Care, and other bylaws. The Law on Health Insurance determines the circle of insured persons, as well as the scope and content of rights within the compulsory health insurance system, to ensure the social security of the citizens of Serbia.

The rights from health insurance are the right to health care, the right to compensation of wages during the temporary incapacity for work of the insured, and the right to payment of transportation costs related to the use of health care.

Funds for exercising health insurance rights are provided by the payment of contributions by the insured and other taxpayers. They are used for all insured persons in the event of a particular risk. In that way, applying the principles of solidarity and reciprocity is ensured. In addition to the direction of obligation, the entire social insurance system is based, and consequently, the health insurance system.

The law enables the introduction of voluntary health insurance, which can provide a more extensive scope and standard of rights from this insurance. It is envisaged that voluntary insurance can be organized as parallel, additional, or private health insurance.

MetLife’s lifeline policy is a business-centric one. The Lifeline Policy is designed to make your leisure life as comfortable as it is now. Lifeline provides a regular income for all your living and medical expenses.

You get a pension from MetLife even after a long retirement period by paying premiums for a certain period while working and earning. 

  • Your plan may be eligible for a policy bonus at your original face value.
  • You can avail of the policy loan as per your requirement if required during the premium payment period.
  • You can avail of additional accident benefits through personal accidental coverage by paying an extra premium.
  • You can add other valuable insurance benefits by paying the extra premium, including life insurance benefits. 
  • You can get an income tax benefit on the premium payable as per the law/rules of the Bangladesh government. Please consult your tax advisor to be sure and for advice. 

Let us explain why it is so important not to miss this insurance!


None of you are thinking about going on vacation, working, or studying abroad ?! And it is good to be so! The purpose of this article is not to start or worry you. That is why we often wish our clients not to have to use their insurance and that only money has been spent wisely.

We were hoping you could consider this insurance a small expense that would save you a lot in an unpleasant situation. In our country, we constantly complain about our expensive health care and the health insurance fund, which takes care of insignificant funds. Do you know the difference between most European countries? There, health services and expenses are at least three times more expensive! Think about it, did you set aside a contingency budget when you went abroad? Even if the answer is yes, it would be pointless to have such insurance!

Don’t you think it’s worth paying BGN 5? for insurance for a weekend abroad against coverage of 10,000 euros for medical expenses? Yes, it is so cheap! This is insurance with very high coverage for a very modest amount. And not only that. If you are willing to spend a few more levs, you will receive additional risks, such as “Theft, loss, or delay of luggage.”

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