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Why does thinking about the past hurt?

Stop beating yourself up about the past and appreciate that it happened. Beating yourself up over the past is an unhealthy way to think, and stops you from learning new and better things. Instead, try viewing the event in a more balanced light by understanding that it isn’t purely bad – it affected you in good ways too. To get rid of your past click the website and read our article moving forward: How to Stop Thinking about the Past. It will help you to get out of your past memories and look into your future.

Calm your anxious mind for stop hurting yourself

Calm your anxious mind and release negative thoughts with the Para liminal audio program. Led by soothing music, this meditation has been shown to reach the same parts of the brain activated by some medications but without the side effects.

This is the most simple and easy way to calm down yourself and relieve your anxiety, stress, anger and help you take a good rest. Many applications include professional meditation courses like Yoga which are effective to help you gain more inner peace and mental clarity. The addiction to mobile devices makes us often make mistakes cause by distracts us. So we built this app not only as a tool but also to remind us to let us beneficial restfulness.

Recognize why your mind keeps returning to traumatic memories.

Our memory of unpleasant experiences, such as the pain of stepping on a nail or the betrayal of learning your partner is cheating, can be so intense that it feels as if we are reliving the event. Now scientists have worked out why these memories are hard to shake, using laboratory rats.

If you can’t forget a painful memory, you’re not alone. Now scientists say they understand why difficult experiences are so hard to put behind you.

Experts knew that a painful experience leads to long-term memory in certain brain cells, but the mechanism behind it was unknown. Now researchers say they have pinpointed the site in the brain where this process occurs, and how it leads to painful memories becoming more easily triggered.

Gain insight from your difficulties

Insight is a nagging feeling we get when something doesn’t make sense. It’s a gap between the way things appear and what makes logical sense. We may have an insight when something surprising happens. Maybe we see a pattern that explains facts better than our previous theory. Maybe we learn new information that changes our understanding of the situation. Whatever the reason, an insight gives us fresh knowledge and powerful new ways to solve problems.

The real question is what insight do you get when you start looking? Here are some examples gleaned from my background in strategy, advertising, design, and now teaching. These insights make me think or look deeper at a problem to find a solution.

Set goals for personal growth and healing

Goals are one of the most fundamental and important aspects of recovery from trauma. This can be a difficult process, but it’s crucial that you set goals for yourself. Whether your goal is to move out of your abusive home or you simply want to spend more time with family, I can help you achieve it.

There are many reasons people set goals. For instance, if you make a New Year’s resolution to lose 10 pounds by summer, this goal gives you focus, keeps you on track, and prevents the possibility that you’ll just give up. Likewise, setting career goals for advancement provides a sense of purpose and allows you to take action rather than just drift along in mediocrity.

When your mental health is at risk, setting goals for personal growth and healing can help you gain control of depression and get on a path to recovery.


Remember, your past doesn’t define you. It’s just the story of how you became who you are today, and it’s up to you to determine what happens next. Whether you choose to dwell on the negatives or move forward and create a positive future for yourself is your choice.

Above all, the most important step you can take is to follow these truths to live by. You will feel calm and in control of your future. Your worries will lose their power over you. You won’t need New Year’s resolutions anymore because you’ll know how to make lasting changes in your life. To know details about health and nutrition click on the website

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