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Why Can’t I Access Netgear Genie Smart Setup Wizard?

Whether you are trying to configure your Netgear router or looking to tweak its settings, it is essential for you to access the Netgear Genie Smart Setup wizard for getting success with the process. Although accessing the dashboard of the Netgear router is not rocket science, still some users find themselves stuck in the process. If you are also bothered by the same issue, this troubleshooting guide will help you get it fixed in no time. So, without any further delay, have an eye on the reasons as well as fixes given below to access the Netgear Genie smart setup wizard without any hassle.

Reasons Why You Can’t Access Genie Setup Wizard

  • Improper Connectivity of Device 
  • Insufficient Power Supply
  • Use of Outdated Web Browser 
  • WiFi Interference
  • Incorrect Login Details 
  • Partial Configuration of Extender 

As you now get acquainted with the reasons causing the issue at hand, let’s now jot down the tips to get the issue fixed.

Troubleshoot Netgear Genie Setup Wizard Accessibility Issue

Before you get started with any of the troubleshooting tips we are going to mention in the section below, we suggest you reboot your Netgear router. This might help you fix the issue and you don’t need to bother yourself anymore. For rebooting the router, simply disconnect it from all the connected devices and then unplug the power plug of the device. After the gap of a few seconds, plug in the device back to its socket and see if you can now access Netgear Genie smart setup wizard.

Did nothing work? Well, give the below-listed hacks a shot.

Check Connectivity between Devices 

If you have connected your router and modem with the help of an Ethernet cable then it is advised that the cable should not be damaged from any point. Just in case you find it worn out, consider replacing it right away. 

Verify Power Supply 

For getting success with the process of accessing the Netgear Genie setup wizard, it is essential for you to check that the power socket selected for the router is offering sufficient power. If you find it damaged or offering fluctuated power supply, either get it fixed or plug in your router to a different wall socket. 

Update Your Web Browser 

Netgear Genie smart setup wizard cannot be accessed if the web browser being used for entering IP is outdated. Thus, we recommend you update the web browser to the latest version. Or, if you have more than one browser installed on your system and the one that is not in use is already updated, you can try using that to access the Netgear Genie Smart Setup wizard. 

Keep Interference Away

Another reason that could stop you from accessing the dashboard of your router is the placement of WiFi interference causing devices near your router. In such a situation, you need to place your router away from things like microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, refrigerators, cellular phones, baby monitors, etc.

Cross-check Login Details 

Have you entered the right login details to access the dashboard of your Netgear router? Not sure? Well, confirm it now! For your information, a single typing error in the username and password can lead you to issues while accessing the Netgear Genie setup wizard. Moreover, if you have made changes to the credentials after configuring the router but still are using the default ones, then also you will not get success. So, make use of the login details wisely and watchfully.

Reset Your Router

Last but not least, the issue you are struggling with for a long time now could be result of the improper configuration of your router. If so, you need to reset the router to the default settings and then configure it again by accessing the routerlogin web address. This hack might help you fix the not being able to access the Netgear Genie setup wizard issue.

Here ends our guide on how to fix the Netgear Genie setup wizard accessibility issue. If you find the tricks mentioned in the article worth considering, leave a few words of appreciation in the comments section. We hope you will!