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Why Buy Land in Travis County of Texas?

One of the best places to live in Texas, Travis county is situated in the southwest of Texas in the Austin neighborhood. This might be a great investment opportunity if your next land investment plan is here. 

There are more than 700 Travis county land for sale, which includes land homes at a median listing price of $600k. This place is surrounded by lush green forest areas and provides a fantastic county living experience. It is famous for its numerous pubs, eateries, coffee houses, and parks. The population here has varieties and includes a lot of families with children and professionals. Why buy a home here? Read more to know. 

Country Life Experience

In busy cities like Texas, many dreams of settling in rural areas to live a calm country life. Travis county in Texas offers this lifestyle of living outside the city yet near the city. A drive of three hours will lead you to the main town of Texas. If you have a family or children in the family, consider living on the city’s outskirts offered by this place. 

Fun fact: The county was established in the 1840s by the Republic of Texas and named after William Barret Travis, the fourth congress. 

Top Level Facilities

The place is known for providing quality education and medical facilities to over 1.2 million residents. It provides a top-level living environment along with providing quality education and medical facilities. The place is expanded in area to 2,650 square km, with most of the area covered in lush green forest, which offers a clean and healthy living environment.

Employment Opportunity

According to a recent update, the minimum wage rate in Travis County is $20/hour, which will be increased in the coming time. The employment opportunity is huge here as the local services are the only way to get the service; people depend on them. As reported last in March 2022, the unemployment rate was just 2.7%, which shows a suitable employment opportunity. 

Good Weather Conditions

Travis County experiences excellent weather conditions throughout the year. It’s time to ditch your winter clothes and get an air conditioner if you reside in a city with all four seasons. For all of you who are passionate about solar power, you might save a tonne of money.

  • Wintertime temperatures range from 40 to 70 degrees.
  • Spring: Stays at a high of 60s.
  • Summertime temperatures: 70 to high 90s
  • Fall: Lows in the 50s and highs in the 80s

Moreover, weather conditions are different in different cities of this place, as some are near lakes, and winters are pretty harsh. However, the weather is good throughout Travis County, and pleasant temperatures all year round.

In Travis County, land for sale also includes under-development land, with listings for an average cost of $3 million.

Travis County is one of the states with the highest population and fastest growth. Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals relocate to these cities because it offers an unbeatable combination of outstanding employment prospects and incredibly low living costs.



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