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Why Are There So Many Car Accidents In Waipahu Hawaii?

Compared to most states in the US, Hawaii has seen more car accidents per resident. For many years, both politicians and normal Hawaii residents have been perplexed by this issue. Auto accident lawyers have, in fact, made every effort to reduce the frequency of collisions in Hawaii. However, all of the efforts were in vain.

In Waipahu, Hawaii, more people are dying on the highways than ever before. More frequently than ever, autos are colliding with pedestrians. What’s happening, then? Let’s look at why Hawaii has such a problem with this:

Reasons For Accidents In Waipahu, Hawaii:

1. Forgetful Driving: 

Accidents in Hawaii are most commonly caused by distracted driving. Cell phones are the primary cause of careless driving. Cell phones are something that people simply can’t bring themselves to put down. They simply can’t resist checking their emails and social media while they are driving. Since this is the leading cause of car accidents in Waipahu, Hawaii, it is expected that the number of accidents will continue to rise.

2. Too Much Good Weather:

The favorable climate in Hawaii contributes to the high number of pedestrian accidents there. The weather in Hawaii is some of the most pleasant on earth. There are more people on the streets of Hawaii because of the pleasant weather. People can stroll around not only every month of the year but also at any hour of the day. These just increase the likelihood of a pedestrian collision significantly.

3. The Roads Are Some Of The Worst Around:

The roadways are not sufficiently illuminated. The Honolulu County Government and the State of Hawaii need to pay more attention to the roadways. There is no justification for Hawaii’s awful roads. It is possible for roads to deteriorate to the point that they are unsafe. This includes fractures in the road, broken concrete, uneven surfaces, and potholes. A huge pothole could shatter a tire, sending the car careening into another lane and into the path of another vehicle.

4. Red Light Jumping:  

Traffic bottlenecks are primarily brought on by this. Everyone eventually arrives at their destinations late. In order to prevent rash and challan, it has also been seen that red light jumpers cross the junction more quickly. However, it makes it difficult to assess the flow of traffic and frequently results in accidents. Too many people cross the street in crosswalks without even looking for automobiles. They believe they can just cross traffic. And in an effort to avoid colliding with them, the cars will have to apply the brakes.

5. Speeding & Impaired Driving: 

In Waipahu, Hawaii, speeding and drunk driving are the two main contributors to auto accidents. Street fights frequently result in fatal vehicle accidents and wrongful death. The majority of the time, street races are unharmed in these car crashes. But instead, it does harm to innocent bystanders.

Driving skills can be affected by a variety of variables. Whether the impairment is brought on by drinking, using drugs, or taking prescriptions. All of these chemicals have a significant impact on perception, cognition, and reaction time, which might cause crashes.


These then are the frequent causes of traffic accidents in Waipahu, Hawaii. Motor vehicle collisions can cause catastrophic injuries and severe property damage depending on a variety of conditions. Hawaii can do a lot more when it comes to preventing harm and fatalities from car accidents.