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Why Are Humans So Hair Obsessed?

Have you ever noticed that we have an obsession with hair? Both men and women can be infatuated with their hair and will often spend a huge amount of time, money and energy on making sure each stranger is perfect. So, why exactly is this? While it is just something that grows out of our heads, you will find that there are actually a few reasons why people deem hair to be so important and why it is such a massive industry. This post will look at a few of the main reasons why humans have an obsession with hair.

Youth & Vitality

Many state that the reason why hair is so important to people is that it can be an indication of youth and vitality. From an evolutionary standpoint, someone with thick, luscious hair could be seen as fertile and healthy. Therefore, people will do all that they can to make their hair look as good as possible so they feel confident and perhaps to attract others. Of course, this also means that hair can also be a sign of ageing, and this is why many men and women worry when they start to turn grey or lose their hair. This is one reason why hair transports from established clinics like are proving to be so popular and a way for people to improve their self-confidence and feel much younger.

A Distinctive Feature

Another reason why hair is so important to people is the fact that it is such a distinctive feature. People will often notice the eyes, smile and hair on a person first and this means that it is key for forming a first impression with people. As Hillary Clinton once said: “pay close attention to your hair – because everyone else will”. This is partly why people will spend a lot of money on their hair and always check the mirror before heading out of the house.

Personal Style

Hair is also one of the most effective ways for someone to showcase their personal style along with their clothing. Hair constantly grows, which means that people need to maintain their hair and it can be a great opportunity to showcase personality through different styles, lengths and colors. Not only this, but someone that keeps their hair looking sharp with regular cuts clearly takes pride in their personal appearance and this can be an attractive attribute to many people. It is a feature of the body that can be dramatically changed, which gives people the freedom to try new things with their hair unlike other parts of their body.


Of course, the media also plays a massive role in the reason why humans are obsessed with hair. Regardless of gender, people are constantly bombarded with images and messages about hairstyles, trends, products and technologies that can help people to improve their hair and life. In a time when people consume so much media and in a time when so much of this is focused on aesthetics, it is no surprise that people are so obsessed with hair.

These are a few of the main reasons why people are so obsessed with hair and why it is such a massive industry. 



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