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Winter is soon going to hit the corner – with its even colder temperature drops!
There may be days when it’ll get to zero degrees or even below that! During days of such harsh weather conditions – a light jacket will be of no use. Toss that light fabric jacket in your wardrobe, as it is time to upgrade! Get your hands on some toasty and warm puffer jackets. Because we believe comfort and fashion go hand in hand! And no one would like to compromise on it, AT ALL!

Puffer jackets are manufactured perfectly to be carried in bitter temperatures. These jackets are available in all sizes and shapes depending on weather severity. These puffers effectively protect one from snowy days whether you are heading to your office or you’re on vacation! We know, there are several options to pick the coolest puffer jacket. And that’s why, for you, we have listed down the best among all the better ones. So, hang on there – go through this blog, to know which puffer jackets you should choose in 2022.

What is a Puffer Jacket?

These jackets are mostly quilted with insulated down feathers or other similar yet softest materials. Most of them have synthetic insulation that may weigh lighter than the latter one. But it also provides the same level of warmth or sometimes even more. The best part is, if it is insulated synthetically then it would not break apart or clump after washing as compared to the down. And that is why people prefer to use synthetic insulated puffer jackets. However, those who have an aesthetic sense – know well how to carry down puffer jackets. As for them, fashion is directly proportional to the highest level of ART.

Why choose a Puffer Jacket?

A puffer jacket with a high collared neck can be an excellent addition to your closet.
You can accentuate your curves by carrying a belt with your jacket, we are sure you’ll look grape. For a more attractive appearance, balancing the puff of the jacket with a slim-fit pair of trousers or even straight pants would go perfectly smooth! If you are not sure about the colors, they are all in vogue. Everything looks stunning this winter, whether it’s punk pink, traditional black, a touch of green, or even a brown puffer jacket. The interesting fact is – a puffer jacket can be worn by all; even children enjoy having this attire in their collection. And we are sure it won’t disappoint you a bit.

Why Puffer Jackets are getting Popular?

Before the chilled breeze knocks you down – let’s give you a hint on why puffer jackets are getting all the eyes! These jackets are making jaw-drops as they are warm and snuggly. People used to carry them years ago because they used to provide the cozy effect everyone wanted. But in recent years, designers have enhanced these jackets while bringing them to the list of trendy pieces!

Although people still prefer wearing quilted coats as they are lightweight puffers as compared to normal puffers! They think lightweight puffers are better than the original puffy coats. But with all our honesty, let us tell you something. You will see the majority this winter – wearing puffer jackets and slaying like a pro!
*secret secret*

Raise Your Styling Standards

We are listing below some of the trends for puffer jackets that are becoming a treat for the eyes!

  1. Metallic puffer jacket

Some coolest metallic puffer jackets are becoming a part of the fashion bandwagon. These super puffer jackets come in a variety of sizes. It’s on you, what you prefer to have a complete look! From cropped styles to waist length, these puffers are easily available in the market. It will not only keep you warm but also pop hot. These jackets come in a variety of colors to power up your fashion styling. You can go for high-gloss tones or the perfect matte, as every shade adds value to your personality!

  • Long puffer jackets

The puffer jackets are stealing the spotlight in town.
During such times when everyone is searching to get their hands on the oh-so-unique puffy jackets – let us tell you how to stand out in the buzzing world of fashion! Get yourself an oversized or long puffer jacket. It will not only keep you comfortable till your calves but also inspire others with your emitting stylishness! You can carry it with straight pants and sneakers to elevate your appearance!

  • Puffer with a hood

When it comes to putting through frosty weather – a hood is always a need of the time.
There are puffer jackets with really furry hoods, giving you an elite feeling. Some attached hoods can be easily removable. You can alter your entire look with just one jacket while getting the vibes of a royal Queen!

  • White puffer jackets

If you want to embrace your fashion outlook being a DIVA – then it is time to add a white puffer jacket to your cozy winter outwear. It would be a perfect depiction of class with an elegance that one would love to experience. You can carry it either with black jeans or add an impression of grandeur by pulling up white paint with it.

  • Water-repellent puffer jacket

Living in an icy dreamland and tired of your clothes full of moisture due to the cold weather conditions? Then keep your worries aside as water-repellent puffer jackets will leave you not only toasty but also with a lesser environmental impact on your outfit.
Isn’t that amazing?

Easy Tricks To Make Your Puffer Jacket More Alluring

  • With leggings

Puffer jackets with slim-fit leggings are a perfect pair that will do great on anyone. Although it is a minimal style but it has the potential to give a chic appearance.

  • Be a little extra

Maybe you are wearing a simple puffer jacket – but you can also get a hand with the extras you need following the weather conditions. An umbrella for a rainy day or a checkered scarf for a captivating look or a cute hat would also do some literal wonders!

  • Showoff a sweatshirt

Want to keep it casual? Well, it can be done by wearing an oversized sweatshirt with a hood over the puffer jacket. It will be a great fit for an outing with cousins or a late-night stay with your friends!

  • With a short dress

Just because it’s “puffy season” that does not mean you can’t wear skirts or dresses.
Being a fashion enthusiast, you can style the outfit with knee-high boots and a cropped jacket to highlight the dress for more fascination!

  • Add colors

Wearing black all the winter season gives you a gothic and hot look. But adding bolder colors to your outfit will give a spark to your mood, leaving you all cheery! In addition, if you are feeling a bit bleak then such crazy colors are best to shoo away your winter blues.


The fashion world keeps on reminiscing and bringing back the fashion trends after every few decades. But what’s more interesting is how everyone wants to get trendy pieces in their collection. Puffer jackets have got greater prominence in the fashion world. And it may get to the fore during the peak winter season. So that is why we have put together the puffer jackets you should choose in 2022 for a complete look!

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