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which calcium supplements work best

Calcium is a total supplement area of strength for bones and teeth. Albeit an individual might have the option to get the calcium they need from their eating regimen, specific individuals need additional help from a calcium supplement.

Factors like age, diet and hidden ailments can influence how much calcium an individual’s body ingests.

This article will see who could profit from a calcium supplement, how much individual calcium necessities, a portion of the items accessible, and when to address a specialist. Get 30% off using the ProCare Health Coupon Code and find the best calcium.

Who needs a calcium supplement?

Many individuals can get sufficient calcium from a sound eating routine.

In any case, the Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS)Trusted Source note that specific gatherings might be more in danger of lack of calcium, including:

Postmenopausal females: Decreased estrogen can diminish calcium assimilation and increment the gamble of osteoporosis. Taking calcium enhancements might slow the pace of bone thickness misfortune in postmenopausal females.

Individuals with irregular or no periods: People who don’t have a standard feminine cycle may likewise have lower estrogen levels. Competitors or individuals with dietary problems can, some of the time, have irregular cycles.

Individuals with lactose prejudice or dairy sensitivity: Avoiding dairy items can make it harder to get sufficient calcium. Taking an enhancement can assist with supporting levels.

Veggie lovers and a few veggie lovers: Vegans and Ovo vegetarians who eat eggs but no dairy items may not get sufficient calcium from their ordinary eating routine.

Assuming an individual is worried about a lack of calcium, it is critical to address a medical services supplier. They can perform specific tests, dissect the individual’s general well-being, and consume fewer calories to affirm whether a calcium supplement is essential.

What to search for in a calcium supplement

The best calcium supplement will rely upon the individual’s unique conditions. The sort and amount of individual calcium requirements will shift contingent upon:

their age

  • whether they take any prescriptions
  • whether they have any medical issue
  • Given these variables, a specialist can encourage the most effective way for somebody to get more calcium.
  • While searching for an item, considering the accompanying factors is significant.


Vital to pick an enhancement that contains the perfect proportion of calcium for an individual’s age. The ODSTrusted Source proposes that individuals get the accompanying measures of calcium in their eating routine every day:

Age Daily calcium prerequisite

  • 0-6 months 200 milligrams (mg)
  • 7-12 months 260 mg
  • 1-3 years 700 mg
  • 4-8 years 1,000 mg
  • 9-18 years 1,300 mg
  • 19-50 years 1,000 mg
  • 51-70 years 1,000 mg for guys, 1,200 mg for females
  • 71 years and above 1,200 mg

Individuals under the age of 18 who are pregnant or breastfeeding need 1,300 mg of calcium each day.


As well as finding an item with the correct measurement, it is wise to consider which type of calcium will be generally reasonable.

There are two primary forms of trusted sources of calcium in supplements: calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.

Calcium carbonate is:

  • broadly accessible
  • reasonable
  • higher in calcium

Calcium carbonate depends on stomach corrosive for assimilation, so individuals ought to take it with food. Individuals may likewise find that calcium carbonate causes incidental effects, like gas and swelling.

Calcium citrate doesn’t rely upon stomach corrosive for assimilation. Accordingly, it tends to be more appropriate for individuals with:

  • lower levels of stomach corrosive
  • fiery inside sickness
  • malabsorption
  • an aversion to calcium carbonate

Nonetheless, calcium citrate is more costly than calcium carbonate, and it generally contains less calcium. This implies that an individual might have too much time to take it more.

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Four calcium supplement choices

The accompanying items contain safe doses of calcium for grown-ups who have undergone quality testing by an outsider.

Some likewise contain different supplements that can assist with calcium ingestion, like vitamin D.

Kindly note that the assertions beneath are research-based. Nobody at Medical News Today, including the author, has attempted these items.

Presently Supplements Calcium Carbonate Powder

This item contains pure calcium carbonate powder. A portion of a level teaspoon (tsp) gives 600 mg of calcium. Since this calcium supplement comes in powder structure, an individual can tweak the measurements as per their requirements.

The makers suggest blending the powder into juices, like orange or tomato squeeze, and taking it with dinner. Each container contains 200 servings.

This item is appropriate for Kosher and veggie lover diets and is Good Manufacturing Practice-guaranteed. This implies that each part of the organization’s assembling cycle sticks to strict quality guidelines.

Presently Supplements Calcium Carbonate Powder is accessible for buy on the web.

Presently Supplements Calcium Citrate Powder

This supplement might be a definitive decision for individuals whose bodies don’t endure calcium carbonate. It contains 600 mg of calcium for every 1.5 tsp serving.

An individual can involve this powder similarly to the calcium carbonate powder, adding it to juices to take with dinner. It likewise meets similar quality and assembling principles as their Calcium Carbonate Powder.

Presently Supplements Calcium Citrate Powder is accessible for buy on the web.

Thorne Research Basic Bone Nutrients

This item contains a few supplements that cooperate to help bone wellbeing, including:

  • calcium
  • nutrient D3
  • nutrient K2
  • magnesium

As indicated by a 2017 review trusted Source, there is proof to propose that taking vitamin K and D together is more compelling than taking vitamin D alone. Also, vitamin D assists the body with engrossing more calcium.

The makers propose taking one to four containers daily, as numerous medical services suppliers suggest.

It is vital to note that this item doesn’t give detailed dose proposals since calcium needs to change altogether from one individual to another.

Like this, it could be ideal for conversing with a medical care supplier to figure out the number of important cases to take each day. Each issue contains 200 mg of calcium as dicalcium malate.

Thorne Research Basic Bone Nutrients is accessible for buy on the web.

Plans for Health Calcium Malate Capsules

This supplement contains dicalcium malate, a compound of calcium and malic corrosive. As per the makers, this type of calcium is more straightforward to ingest than calcium alone.

The item likewise contains a modest quantity of vitamin D to help ingestion. Two containers give 500 mg of calcium and 100 units of vitamin D worldwide.

This item is dairy-and-sans soy and appropriate for veggie lovers.

The makers cause their items in offices to have at least one affirmation to show their security and quality. They likewise guarantee Food and Drug Administration (FDA) consistence.

Plans for Health Calcium Malate Capsules are accessible for buy on the web.

Are there dangers to taking calcium?

Calcium enhancements might cause unfavorable impacts — like gas, bulging, or obstruction — for specific individuals. Taking a lot of calcium may likewise prompt:

  • kidney stones
  • delicate tissue calcification
  • renal inadequacy

As per the ODSTrusted Source, there is proof to propose that high calcium admissions might add to malignant prostate growth and cardiovascular infection. Notwithstanding, concentrating on taking a gander at these dangers has had blended results.

  • Calcium enhancements can communicate with different drugs; for example,
  • osteoporosis meds, for example, bisphosphonates
  • certain anti-toxins, like antibiotic medication or fluoroquinolone
  • anticonvulsant prescriptions, like phenytoin
  • thyroid drugs, for example, levothyroxine

prescriptions for Paget’s illness, for instance, tiludronate disodium

Individuals who take any meds or who have any fundamental circumstances ought to converse with their medical services supplier before attempting a calcium supplement.

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