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Where To Get Free Online Classes For Class 12 CBSE?

Online classes have become the only possible and effective way for students to continue studying and gaining knowledge without any disruption by the current situation of uncontrollable pandemics. There are many portals providing online classes although Vidya Setu’s free online classes for class 12 CBSE are the best.

In class 12, students choose a subject in which they would further like to complete their graduation, stream is generally chosen between science, commerce, and arts. Science is a practical subject that has three compulsory subjects: physics, biology, and chemistry. 

Commerce involves more financial and business-related subjects like accountancy, business studies, and economics. Whereas arts is an entire theory subject teaching History, geography, and psychology. 

The CBSE has announced the cancellation of class 10 exams giving students an early opportunity to start preparing for class 12 as the curriculum of the subjects opted by students are absolutely new and can be difficult for them to cope up.

Benefits Of Free Online Classes For Class 12 Cbse

The literal meaning of online classes is virtual teaching. In CBSE class 12 online classes students study exactly the same way as they study in schools, the only difference is that they are not physically present at one place and are taking classes virtually on screens sitting comfortably at their home. Class 12 online classes are very much needed for commerce subjects as the subjects taught are entirely new to the students. 

 Let us first list down all the benefits of online classes –

  1. Safe and Comforting– The free online classes for class 12 cbse are extremely safe as students need not to step out of their house. Even the students who are in quarantine or self isolation may also get the cbse class 12 online classes entirely free of cost at Vidya Setu .
  2. International Level Opportunities– Online coaching for class 12 CBSE free provides eminent opportunities. In online classes students can get taught from teachers who are miles away and still connected virtually. The Class 12 students like to widen their knowledge through various courses that they can take up in online classes for class 12 CBSE. 
  3. Convenient and Flexible– CBSE class 12 video lectures are very convenient as they can be taken from anywhere at any point of time and are absolutely flexible. The lectures are recorded as wella and hence can be seen more than once. 
  4. Individual Attention– In online classes for class 12 cbse, more attention is given to students as compared to offline classes. There might be few online classes where lectures are run in ppt format but students can still manage to get out of the boredom by interactive lectures. 
  5. Education right at home– It is a life-saving alternative for students who have to take public transports to attend the classes. Students having classes very distant like in another village or so can take better and free online classes for class 12 CBSE right at their home. 
  6. Financial Benefits– There are various financial benefits from online classes for class 12 as these online classes are either free or run on minimum cost. Vidya Setu’s  Youtube video lectures provided by CBSE are the best online classes for class 12 cbse available

As we have seen all the benefits which online classes have, there might be few online classes service providers who are running online classes just to earn money and can take education for granted. Hence, it is very important for students to figure out the ideal online classes for free which are at the same time interactive and knowledgeable. 

Vidya Setu – Free Online Classes For Class 12 CBSE

The online coaching for class 12 CBSE free provided by CBSE is popular among the class 12 and 12th-grade students. Vidya Setu Provides all online classes absolutely free of cost and is liked by all the students as it provides the best online video lectures and is made available to each and every student with a mere necessity of the internet.

The students can even visit the online classes for class 12 absolutely free of cost and can be used by everybody at any point in time. 

Let us list down all benefits of Vidya Setu’s online classes for class 12 CBSE-

  1. Experienced Faculty– The faculty is highly experienced and understands every student’s weakness and strength. They teach students in the best suited way and are always available. 
  2. HD quality Videos– The online classes for class 12 cbse are of HD quality at Vidya Setu and the audio is very clear. The students are often frustrated with bad video quality, this is not a case in Vidya Setu’s online classes. 
  3. FREE OF COST- The Vidya Setu is absolutely free of cost and does not charge any amount for registration or study material, watching Vidya Setu’s online classes are as easy as watching television. 
  4. Convenient- Free online classes for class 12 CBSE are very convenient as Vidya Setu has an easy to go interface and is device friendly. It can be watched anywhere at any point of time in a day. 


There are various benefits of online classes as it completely opens new horizons for students where they can learn new skills and participate in online conferences or different discussions. Students can get the best free online classes for class 12 CBSE only at Vidya Setu as they are absolutely free of cost and very interactive. 

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