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Where Can I Get A Rapid RT PCR Test In Huntsville

The pandemic is over, but we still need to perform a for international traveling. But what’s the probability of results being accurate in rapid testing? Let’s find out!

In the US, 906 million covid tests are performed till now, leading to only 1.01 million deaths. With the help of rapid covid testing and accurate results, 904.99 million lives were saved. But how to learn which test you require? Here’s the guide!

Difference between RT PCR test and Rapid Antigen Test

Rapid Antigen Test

A Rapid Antigen Test is a lateral flow test that provides results within 15 minutes. It’s quicker to examine your symptoms like a pregnancy test.

Once your specimen is collected, it’s then tested to find the presence of proteins outside the virus body. The test kit consists of a liquid containing antibodies; your collected specimen is first dipped into this liquid so the antigens in your sample will get attached to it and then placed onto the testing strip to observe results. If your sample contains active antigens, a line on the test strip indicates that you’re covid positive. 

It’s quicker, handy, and an economical way to keep yourself safe but not a reliable method because its results aren’t accurate every time. The highest probability of accurate results in a Rapid Antigen Test is only when you’ve started developing the symptoms of Covid-19, as it’s the high time your body will be carrying the highest number of antigens. Therefore, if you’re observing your symptoms diminish, then don’t rely only on a rapid antigen test.

Following are some guidelines to ensure your rapid antigen test results are accurate:

  1. Avoid contaminating the sample and always check for the expiry date first.
  2. Make sure it’s not refrigerated as it requires to be used at room temperature.
  3. Blow your nose before collecting the sample from your respiratory tract.
  4. Don’t eat/drink 10 minutes before collecting your saliva specimen.
  5. Follow the guidelines provided on the kit regarding swab insertion and liquid usage.
  6. Set a timer to read the results at the exact time.


On the other hand, an RT PCR – Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction Test is considered the best for diagnosing of viruses like Covid-19, Ebola, Influenza, etc. It’s a laboratory test that amplifies the genetic material ‘RNA’ after converting it into cDNA (Complementary Deoxyribonucleic Acid).

Once the specimen is collected from the patient’s nasopharynx, its RNA single-stranded structure is converted to cDNA using the RT- Reverse transcriptase enzyme to make it stable and strong for further testing. If the person is infected, the sample will be a combination of both the virus’ and the person’s RNA.

The converted cDNA undergoes 30-40 amplifications in order to create billions of copies from a single genetic material. Laboratories use fluorescent dye to identify if a sample is positive or negative depending on the brightness of fluorescence; this procedure can take up to 8 hours. That’s why RT PCR Test results are up to several hours late.

Hence, an RT PCR test is more accurate and trustable than a rapid antigen test because of its complete DNA examination. A rapid antigen test is cheaper but doesn’t offer precise accuracy as the RT PCR test does.

Therefore, if you are suffering from serious covid symptoms, make sure to dispel doubts today by getting an RT PCR test from US Travel Lab.

RT PCR Test Huntsville, AI

Numerous laboratories in Huntsville offer RT-PCR testing services but usually delay the results to 1-2 days. They either delay sending samples to the lab or don’t have enough staff to deal with large number of samples.

Therefore, has been made easier by US Travel Lab, go for same-day testing service around the clock.

Same Day RT PCR Test Huntsville

US Travel Lab offers same-day RT PCR testing services in Huntsville to help patients identify the contraction of the virus, cure fast and help keep others safe. Their professionally experienced and competent health providers make sure to examine your specimen in-depth and provide 100% accurate results on the same day. Therefore, contact now to get yourself tested today!

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