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When will the Xbox Series X | S be available? Is Xbox Resolver work in new series? - Mazing US
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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When will the Xbox Series X | S be available? Is Xbox Resolver work in new series?

he next-generation console “Xbox Series X | S” developed by Microsoft (Microsoft) will be launched in Taiwan and Hong Kong on November 10. I believe that many players are very interested in the functions and features of this new console, but most of the relevant information is scattered in multiple reports, and you may not have much leisure to learn more about it. Therefore, this column will compile the most interesting questions about Xbox Series X | S for these players and answer them one by one.

When will the Xbox Series X | S be available? what is the price?

 The Xbox Series X | S is scheduled to be launched globally on November 10 this year, with the first wave of listings including Taiwan and Hong Kong. The price of the high-end Xbox Series X with a built-in CD player is NT$15,380, and the price of the affordable Xbox Series S without a CD player is NT$9,480.

Question: What is the difference between the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S specs?

 The Xbox Series X is a high-end model with full features and specifications, while the Xbox Series S is an affordable model with reduced features and specifications. The main differences lie in the shape, size and color of the host, graphics processing performance, with or without a built-in CD-ROM, and built-in SSD storage capacity.

 The Xbox Series X features a square tower-like shape with a matte black color scheme, has a graphics processing performance of 12TFLOPS, and features 4K ultra-high-resolution 60FPS image output. There is a CD player, you can play the CD version of the game. The built-in storage space is 1TB.

 The Xbox Series S features a flat, rectangular box-like shape in an ice-white color scheme. It has a graphics processing performance of 4TFLOPS, which is about 1/3 of that of the Xbox Series X, and features a 1440p resolution 60FPS image output. There is no CD player, only digital download games can be played. The built-in storage space is 512GB, which is half of the Xbox Series X. The volume and weight are less than half of the Xbox Series X, which is very light, thin and short.

  • The Xbox Series X is much wider and taller than the Xbox Series S, and the depth is the same

Question: Should I buy the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S?

 If you are a player who wants to experience the ultimate sound and light effect of 4K 120FPS HDR, or have disc games from previous generations of Xbox consoles and want to play, or prefer to buy physical disc games, or want to watch DVD, BD, 4K Ultra HD Players of BD disc movies, if the budget and environment are not a problem, it is recommended to buy the Xbox Series X console.

 If you only have a 1080p TV/monitor at hand, and you don’t have any plans to buy any in the near future. Add to that players who have already made the switch to buying digital games on Xbox One or using the subscription-based Xbox Game Pass service, then consider buying a cheaper digital console.

 As for the demand for watching videos, it has been determined that the Xbox Series X | S will provide apps for mainstream audio and video platforms such as Apple TV, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch, YouTube, etc., so the Xbox Series S can still watch videos through the streaming audio and video platform.

 Xbox Game Pass is divided into console plan and PC plan, and players can also choose to join “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” which includes Xbox Live Gold membership and Xbox Game Pass console/PC plan. Players who have already subscribed to Xbox Live Gold membership can convert all remaining Xbox Live Gold memberships to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as long as they spend 30 yuan to join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

 Microsoft also announced that starting November 10th, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will automatically enjoy EA Play membership.

 Plus, the Xbox Series X | S supports thousands of Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox games and enhances the experience.

Question: What are the dimensions and weight of the Xbox Series X | S console?

 The Xbox Series X console measures approximately 301mm wide x 151mm high x 151mm deep and weighs 4.45kg.

 The Xbox Series S console measures approximately 275mm wide x 65mm high x 151mm deep and weighs 1.93kg.

  • Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PS5

 Since the Xbox Series X adopts a columnar shape with a square section, the height when placed horizontally is 15.1 cm. Players who want to put it in the TV cabinet must pay attention to whether the height of the TV cabinet exceeds this height. The Xbox Series S adopts a traditional flat cuboid design. It is only 6.5 cm high when placed horizontally, which is a little shorter and shallower than the previous generation of Xbox One consoles, so as long as it can fit the space of the previous generation console, there is no problem.

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