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What’s the highlights of Audi A6 2022? Here are what you should know!

The new generation Audi A6 2022 draws on the same design elements as the Audi Prologue concept car. With its well-organized surfaces, sharp angles, and distinctive muscular curves, it offers a multi-faceted elegance and performance character, strong technological imagery and a refined texture that you can’t help but love, the Audi design team has given the A6 an elegant yet sporty coupé style that makes it a top-class business class for creatives.

The front end of the A6 is dominated by a more angular, wide, and flattened monocoque tank guard with a chrome-plated grille, which is combined with a folding front line to form a visually striking matrix of LED headlights on both sides. The flattened headlamps and the air intakes, which show off the power wheel profile, give off a strong coupé look. When the eye moves to the side of the car, the power lines run from the edge of the bonnet to the rear of the front doors and then from the rear doors to the tail lights. The chrome lines at the rear of the car, which continue the A8’s technological flagship, are linked to the LED rear lights and the dynamic directional lights, giving the car a sporty look and a distinctly innovative upgrade. The roofline is gradually integrated into the flat C-pillar design, giving the side profile a distinctly sporty character. The sporty design of the roof spoiler extends from the D-pillar and the rear window line to the luggage compartment, where it finishes at a perfect angle to create excellent aerodynamics.

Compared to its predecessor, the A6 is more spacious in terms of length, width, and height, measuring 4,939 x 1,886 x 1,458 mm long and 21 mm deeper than the previous model. In terms of luggage compartment capacity, 530 liters are available in standard mode.

The A6’s luxurious technology cabin not only revolutionizes intuitive technology but also leads the way in the design aesthetics of digital interfaces. The new generation Audi Virtual Cockpit offers a flexible display of information such as speed/engine revolutions, maps, radio/media information, etc. in accordance with the driver’s needs. The driver can activate it directly from the multifunction steering wheel and control a number of intelligent information functions such as navigation and infotainment by voice.

The A6 not only comes with the Audi smartphone interface as standard but also features the new Audi connect intelligent services, which allow drivers to access services such as “my Smart Assistance”, “my Remote Service”, “my Remote Smart Link”, “my Driving Directions” and “my Lifestyle Assistant” directly in the car or via the smartphone myAudi App. The Audi App allows you to remotely lock and unlock your car, find your car and check its status, and make appointments for after-sales services.

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